What Silverstack’s Miniplayer Can Do for You

Play Clips and Browse the Library at the Same Time

With Silverstack 5 we introduced the Miniplayer. It is a great helper for whenever you need to multitask: Quickly navigate across the Project Library’s large thumbnails while skimming through the timeline of an individual clip at the same time.

You can easily access the Mini Player from Silverstack’s Toolbar. The Mini Player also inherits powerful QC features such as frame lines and the false color mode from Silverstack’s large player.

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How to Replace Frame Grabs with a Simple Shortcut

The LiveGrade Shortcut for Better Frame Grabs

We are pretty sure update looks in LiveGrade Pro has become second nature to you. By far the quickest way to do so is using the keyboard shortcut CMD + U. But do you know what happens if you press SHIFT + CMD + U?

To provide your reports with meaningful visual references SHIFT + CMD + U is the newest addition to our ever growing handy shortcut list. With this key combination you update the selected look and make a frame grab to replace the current image at the same time.

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Templates in Silverstack’s Offload Wizard

Templates in Silverstack’s Offload Wizard

Silverstack’s Offload Wizard Templates Help to Manage Your Copy Settings

For organizing and performing your daily offload tasks Silverstack allows you to setup a variety of individual copy settings: For example files from different camera models might require different folder structures, or you need to manage multiple sets of travel drives.

Silverstack’s Offload Wizard Templates lets you save your most commonly used combinations of copy settings and destinations as templates – to be instantly ready for all standard offload tasks. This saves you time and reduces the risk of mistakes compared to changing settings and destinations manually every time.

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LiveGrade Pro: Save Still Images for Reference

Easily Save Image Files from Captured Live Signals

Still images captured from the live image can play an important role on set as well as in post production – the saved camera images document the daily production activities. For example

  • the DOP uses collected stills as a reference for the visual composition and look of a scene, and
  • the DIT stores still images for simplifying the matching of looks and clips during dailies creation.

With LiveGrade you can save image files from the captured live signal at any time. The new settings in LiveGrade let you choose between different formats (JPG, TIFF in 8bit and 16bit) and enable to use current look metadata for the filename. When these settings are chosen once, you can continuously create new still images with just a keyboard shortcut.

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How to Create Reports: New Video Tutorial Available!

Do You Know Everything About Silverstack's Report Feature?

Creating Reports is one of Silverstack’s core features and part of your daily work. But did you know that you are able to customize the reports to your needs? Or how different types of reports can assist you to provide information to different people in the production team?

Our video tutorial guides you through the process in under two minutes:

> Watch the Reports Tutorial!

For even more information on creating and customizing reports you can visit our Knowledge Base section on reporting.

How to Manage ACES Versions in LiveGrade Pro

How to Manage ACES Versions in LiveGrade Pro

Always the Right ACES Version for Your Production

While the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES)* was established to unify color management, it still keeps evolving. Because different production settings ask for the use of different ACES versions, LiveGrade Pro comes equipped with everything you need to work in different kinds of ACES color pipelines.

Set a Default ACES Version

In the LiveGrade preferences you can manage the available ACES versions and transforms. A dropdown lets you set a default. From now on every new look will be initialized with the ACES version selected.

Download ACES Transforms from Different Versions

In the section “Available ACES Transforms” you can find the available ACES versions and their associated transforms. A green checkmark in the status column signals that the transform has already been downloaded. For additional downloads click on the download icon with the down arrow.

> See our in-depth Knowledge Base article on ACES in LiveGrade Pro

ACES badge * Pomfort supports the Academy Color Encoding System and is in the process of being certified by the Academy as Logo Product Partner.