Pomfort - Simplified Media Workflows

Pomfort’s innovative software products revolutionize film production workflows worldwide. Dedicated to quality and stability we develop and market intelligent premium software applications designed to simplify major daily tasks both on set and in post production. With extensive experience in data management and color management processes Pomfort sets new standards for all kinds of film productions with their famous software products Silverstack and LiveGrade Pro.

Professionals like Directors, Cinematographers, Producers, Colorists, Editors, and Digital Image Technicians benefit from this affordable high-end quality software which is used for everything from blockbuster movies to tv series or documentaries. With skill and perseverance Pomfort has established itself as one of the fastest growing players in the film production technology industry.

Simplifying workflows

We develop innovative software products to simplify digital movie production workflows by assisting cinematographers, DITs and camera assistants in their daily work.

Listening to our customers

We keep a constant conversation with movie production professionals, our friends and partners, from more than 70 countries to constantly improve our products.

Leveraging new technologies

The movie industry is constantly inventing new technologies. We are enabling our customers to benefit from the latest trends.

Building easy to use software

We present complex topics and processes in an easy, intuitive manner. This is important in the time-pressing environment of a film set.

Playing well with others

Integration with other applications is essential to provide support for heterogeneous workflows.

Staying cutting edge

We design our products to work with a variety of cameras and formats so that our customers can stay flexible in each different project.


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Our team is the most important resource. We're quite busy most of the time, here's how.

Software Development

Here is where all the beautiful lines of code are written, that build the base for all features of our products. The team is working with high concentration all day in analysis, design and implementation as well as in table football.

Product Design

Designing Pomfort's products is a joint process with Software Development as well as the Quality & Support team. Our goals are to support the tasks on set, reduce pains in the daily routine, and provide the right features for even the special circumstances.

Communication & Distribution

We love to share all the most recent news with you, on our websites, via Facebook and Twitter, and together with our widespread network of press partners. Communication also means sales, and therefore we are continuously in contact with our world-wide partners and we participate in a variety of essential trade shows every year.

Quality & Support

Our support and testing team is grilling every new feature in our lab to provide the highest possible level of product quality. In case you still experience an unexpected behavior or simply have a question about one of our products, those guys are happy to help you.

Selected Projects

Besides the work on our products we are also involved in projects of our customers. Here are a few selected projects.

LightPost / ClipHouse

OEM Product Development

In 2012 and 2013 we developed LightPost, the workflow software that ships with the Digital Bolex D16 camera in close collaboration with Digital Bolex. LightPost covers backup, management, color and exposure correction and transcoding of CinemaDNG file sequences from the D16 camera. A very similar version of LightPost is available as the Pomfort product "ClipHouse".

Logo by Digital Bolex

ARRI Alexa Camera

Firmware Development and Consulting

We started implementing the software subsystem for QuickTime creation in the Alexa camera (without the transcoding to ProRes) in 2010 and continuously worked on subsequent updates (SUPs) of the Alexa camera system for ARRI until 2013. Our work includes QuickTime wrapping, embedding and extraction of metadata, in-camera playback of QuickTime files, the pre-recording feature, and consulting for the MXF implementation.

Photo by ARRI Cine Technik

D-Cinema System

Hardware-Software Integration and Testing

In 2012 we were part of an international development team that developed a D-Cinema theatre system. We worked on the hardware-software integration of the Media Block as well as creating and maintaining a large suite of automated tests for internal interfaces.

Photo by Sam Javanrouh

Archive Workflow

Software for Media Asset Management

In 2010 and 2011 we developed a software system for managing, transcoding and archiving film of a large European broadcast archive. The system consists of a "Mini MAM" (Media Asset Management) system for the handling of of DPX sequences, integrating transcoders to XDCAM HD and writing, managing and restoring of LTO tapes. In the pilot project the system managed the scans of material from 280 reels of 16mm film, resulting in about 100h of scanned, reviewed and archived material.

Photo by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

By the way...

...what does "Pomfort" mean?

The name Pomfort has its origin in the adjective "pomfortionös" ( pɔm.fɔʁ.tsjo’nøːs ), a very rare German word used especially for delicious meals. The exact meaning - originally assembled from the French words bon and fortuné - is something between extraordinary and wonderful.

The name and the reference to food and cooking reminds us that creating software in a team is similar to the activities in a kitchen, where ten pots boil simultaneously and only attention and experience bring everything in time on the plate.
À votre santé!