What Is LiveGrade?

LiveGrade is the software that brings color to
your film set and into your dailies.

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Easily Create and Apply Looks

LiveGrade Pro offers unmatched freedom in working with looks in real-time.

LiveGrade allows to interactively apply color corrections to HD-SDI or UHD/4K* signals going from camera to the on-set monitor – either by controlling capable cameras and monitors directly, or by using additional LUT box devices. No matter which setup you choose, this allows the production team to create, preview, and compare looks directly on set.

The digital look becomes part of the image creation process on set – together with camera setup, light, and art department – in order to follow one creative intent.

* depending on the hardware setup.

Exchange Created Looks

Communicate colors on set and with post production facilities.

Using the collected look metadata in the dailies creation process ensures that the look concept of the DP and director is carried on to editorial and viewing.

For later matching with clips, the color correction settings can be annotated with slate information and exported as standard look exchange files such ASC-CDL files or 3D LUTs. LiveGrade can also export an entire look archive for automatic matching in Silverstack. Together with LiveGrade's new PDF reports and ALE export, matching looks and camera source media for dailies creation is now as easy as never before.

LiveGrade Pro & Silverstack 5 Now Work Together:

Match Looks and Clips
the Easy Way

Export looks from LiveGrade. Silverstack's Matching Wizard takes care of the rest.

With LiveGrade Pro 3.4 you can export single looks or whole look archives and import them into Silverstack 5. The Matching Wizard combines clips and the according looks automatically.

Benefit from combining clip and look information in one library. Include all metadata in reports or transfer it to other software.

Speed Up Your Transfer to
Dailies and NLE Tools

Silverstack 5 makes your entire look management process more convenient.

Silverstack 5's new and customized functionalities enable a streamlined transfer of media and color metadata to DaVinci Resolve or AVID Media Composer.

Silverstack 5's built-in transcoding options also include look support.

Take QC to the next level
with HD-SDI

Check looks with the original media in the best possible quality.

Silverstack XT 5 now enables HD-SDI monitoring with a 10-bit color depth. Watch your looks applied to the camera source material.

A variety of overlay frame lines help to get a better feeling for the aspect ratio used in the final product.

Powerful and Flexible
Color Filtering

Benefit from a node-based color pipeline and project-specific grading modes.

LiveGrade Pro supports grading modes that are specifically tailored to a broad range of workflows. Covering "log" material of specific digital cinema cameras, ASC-CDL grading, the Academy's “ACES” color space, and secondary grading options make LiveGrade Pro a versatile color correction system for any project.

HD-SDI In and Out

Capture, live preview and output.

Besides controlling the color manipulation in LUT boxes or in cameras and monitors, LiveGrade offers direct input (capture) and output (playout) of HD-SDI signals for preview within the application, saving of reference stills and clips, and even outputting live image as well as references*.

The newest LiveGrade Pro version enables mirroring of the applications Image View display on HD-SDI in best quality (e.g. with split screen) and an improved still image export.

* I/O devices from AJA and Blackmagic Design are supported in LiveGrade Pro.

LiveGrade Pro Works Well with Others

Besides a wide range of hardware devices and industry standards LiveGrade Pro also integrates with a lots of 3rd party applications such as:

Divergent Media Scopebox

LiveGrade Pro integrates with ScopeBox. Add a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes like waveform and vectorscope to your setup.

See ScopeBox website

Assimilate Scratch

Easily transfer color metadata to Assimilate Scratch and match it to your clips. Bring your workflow even to the next level by bringing Silverstack into this setup.

See Assimilate website

The Extended Look Library

Benefit from time code information for matching footage with looks.

All the movies or frame grabs recorded with LiveGrade Pro are automatically stored in the extended look library. Additionally, the time code information, extracted from the live HD-SDI signal, is automatically saved within the metadata in the library. Based on the library, LiveGrade allows to create look reports as PDF documents including time code and look name. This helps to easily match footage with the look in subsequent production steps.

Choose Your Hardware and Setup

LiveGrade supports a wider range of devices for live image manipulation.

LiveGrade Pro unifies HD and UHD/4K color creation workflows by supporting a wide range of devices – from LUT box devices such as Blackmagic Design's HDLink (drivers by Blackmagic Design are compatible up to OS X 10.10), WOWOW's (formerly Fujifilm) * IS-mini, Teradek's COLR, or Flanders Scientific's BoxIO, as well as cameras and monitors with color correction capabilities such as the ARRI Alexa SXT, Sony F65, Panasonic Varicam 35/HS the FSI DM series or the Canon DP-V series.

You can also use panel controllers from Tangent and Avid and control LiveGrade Pro remotely via WiFi with the free app "LiveGrade Pro Remote" (works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

For capturing HD-SDI live signals, Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, Mini Recorder and Decklink cards are supported. HD-SDI output is possible by using devices from the AJA T-TAP, AJA IO and AJA KONA families.

* WOWOW (formerly Fujifilm) requires an additional device license file for use in LiveGrade Pro (per IS-mini device) that can be purchased from within the LiveGrade Pro application.

The Entry Level Grading Solution: LiveGrade Basic

The basic version of LiveGrade provides the essential, creative tools for adjusting colors on live images. It supports the HDLink LUT box family from Blackmagic Design (drivers by Blackmagic Design are compatible up to OS X 10.10), and supports the ASC-CDL and Alexa Look grading modes. It is ideally suited for professionals who just need to preview and prepare grades in a low cost standard workflow.

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