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Benefit from PocketControl

Your ARRI Camera at Your Fingertips.

PocketControl for ARRI Cameras is the first (iOS) app that enables you to remotely monitor and control your ARRI camera settings. The app directly connects with the camera through wifi and allows instant access to the camera menu.

Camera settings, such as exposure and look, can now be adjusted from a distance, and you can start and stop recording remotely.

Control Your ARRI Camera from a Distance.

No matter where your camera is used on the set - with PocketControl for ARRI cameras you always stay in control over your camera. Camera settings and color information from the camera can be retrieved from anywhere and adjusted remotely

on any iPad or iPhone. The new app is the extended arm of any DoP, camera assistant and DIT who is responsible for the image quality on set.

Your ARRI Camera in Your Pocket

Take the camera menu with you wherever you go.


PocketControl for ARRI Cameras enables instant access and adjustments to the camera menu from afar.


The app gives DoPs, camera assistants and DITs the right tool at hand to always stay in control over their image.


PocketControl for ARRI cameras is a well organized and highly intuitive application that’s based on years of software development experience, and designed for on-set use.

Take Your Camera Menu With You

Monitor and Adjust Camera Settings From Anywhere.

By remotely monitoring and adjusting the camera and color settings, decisions can be implemented faster and more flexibly than through the on-board manual camera controls. Conveniently choose and apply a look or start/stop recording through the app.

The ARRI Camera Settings at Your Hands

Control Exposure and Output.

PocketControl for ARRI cameras gives you control over the same camera settings that you’re used to working with already – just with one difference: You can monitor and change them remotely. For example, easily change exposure settings, configure the HD-SDI output configurations, and enable/disable focus tool and exposure tool.

Manage Your Looks

Display, Apply and Alter Looks From Afar.

Adjusting look settings and saving them in the camera has never been so easy. Conveniently display a list of looks stored within the camera on your iPad or iPhone, choose a look and apply it to the camera from a distance. With the basic grading controls that are available in the app, you can even alter the image to change contrast and saturation, or make the image warmer/cooler.

Technical Requirements

Compatible Cameras


System Requirements

iPhone or iPad
iOS 10 or newer

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