Clever Media Management
for Film Productions

The software for simplified media and color workflows.

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Backup Huge Amounts of Movie Data Quickly and Securely

Offload and archive in high-speed with checksum verification – Silverstack offers all the data security you need.

Benefit from Silverstack’s tuned copy engine and use features like cascading copy and the new checksum type "xxhash" to get the best performance out of the latest storage hardware.

Silverstack XT also enables fast data transfers to LTO tape drives via LTFS.

Process and Structure Media and Metadata in a Cost Effective Way

Trace media, look up metadata, manage looks, and quality-check material in Silverstack’s powerful library.

The clearly arranged metadata library connects professionals with their media, camera metadata, and looks in a more powerful, efficient and collaborative way. All kind of media files are copied and managed the same, secure way.

For a wide range of selected camera formats including RAW and “Log” media, Silverstack enables native and non-destructive video and audio playback of source material, supports comprehensive metadata and look management, as well as transcoding of media to ProRes and H.264.

Color Grading and Look Library

Streamline your look workflows.

The latest version of Silverstack comes with extensive color grading functionalities. Manipulate looks interactively with typical grade controls, create an individual grade for each clip and build a Look Library to manage looks for an entire project.

For a better integration you can easily import single looks or whole look archives from LiveGrade Pro. The Matching Wizard automatically applies these looks to the according clips in Silverstack's library.

Share, Distribute and Transfer Clip and Color Information

Create clip reports, transcode media for preview, and transfer metadata to common dailies and NLE tools.

Easily create customizable PDF reports, exchange metadata libraries between several Silverstack systems and transfer your clip and color metadata to the next production step or common dailies and NLE tools like DaVinci Resolve and AVID Media Composer.

Speed up your entire data management process by using Silverstack as a central ingest and data management station in a distributed production environment.

Silverstack Works Well with Others

Besides a wide range of camera formats and industry standards Silverstack also integrates with a lots of 3rd party applications such as:

DaVinci Resolve

As a central ingest and data management station Silverstack offers customized functionalities to export clips to DaVinci Resolve including ASC-CDL color metadata.

See Resolve website

Divergent Media Scopebox

Silverstack integrates with ScopeBox. Add a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes like waveform and vectorscope to your setup.

See ScopeBox website

Silverstack and Silverstack XT

Silverstack covers all functionality for comprehensive on-set data management. Silverstack XT extends these features by additional formats, distributed workflows and specific post features.

Features: Silverstack Silverstack XT
Import Library, EDL Conform
Offload Wizard Templates and LTFS Support
Sony F55 / F65 RAW and Phantom RAW advanced support
HD-SDI Output
Advanced Grading Modes (CDL Advanced, ACES, Freestyle, etc. )
Basic Grading Mode (CDL and LUT)
Offload Wizard Templates
All other features
All other advanced supported formats
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