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Silverstack's Features –
What Is New in v5?

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Travel Drive Sealing

Set the Basis for a Complete and Consistent Data Transfer.

Silverstack 5.2 introduces the possibility to „seal“ entire travel drives. The sealing functionality extends the widely used MHL checksum technology and allows Silverstack to make a full inventory list of a drive.

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Extensive Clip Analysis

Work with Silverstack and ScopeBox.

Silverstack XT's newest version integrates with Divergent Media's ScopeBox application which offers a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes like waveform and vectorscope plus some new ways to visualize your signal.

In combination with Silverstack XT it enables measurement and analysis of the clip assets in your Silverstack XT library. Use it for example to check your media for clipping or get instant analysis feedback on color manipulations.

Color Grading and Look Library

Streamline your look workflows.

The latest version of Silverstack comes with extensive color grading functionalities. Manipulate looks interactively with typical grade controls, create an individual grade for each clip and build a Look Library to manage looks for an entire project.

Silverstack 5.3 offers the flexibility to easily load and save ASC-CDLs, import 1D LUTs and a convenient download of the latest ACES versions. For a better integration import single looks or whole look archives from LiveGrade Pro. The Matching Wizard automatically applies these looks to the according clips in Silverstack's library.

Improved Dailies and Transfer Features

Speed up your entire data management process.

Silverstack's newest version offers new and customized functionalities to transfer clips including ASC-CDL color and media metadata to Assimilate Scratch, AVID Media Composer or DaVinci Resolve (Resolve 12.5 or later now with CSV transfer).

Benefit from the new look support for transcoding options and make color metadata part of your exports.

Easy Ingest and HD-SDI Output

Take QC to the next level with the best possible quality.

For an enhanced QC experience Silverstack XT 5 now enables HD-SDI monitoring with a 10-bit color depth. The new miniplayer is a convenient local visualization of the current output while you can browse the Clip Library and organize your media. Advanced support for additional image sequence formats helps e.g. to playback and transcode timelapse sequences.

Easy Ingest lets you register files in the library without copying and a variety of overlay frame lines help to get a better feeling for the aspect ratio used in the final product.

What's New in Version 5.3?

Silverstack v5.3 is a minor upgrade with extended transfer of metadata to DaVinci Resolve, loading and saving of ASC-CDLs, advanced support for additional image sequence formats and new grading functionalities:

Streamlined Workflow:

  • Improved Dailies and transfer functions: Transfer clip metadata to DaVinci Resolve (via CSV for Resolve 12.5 or later).

Color Grading Features:

  • Import/Export: Load and save ASC-CDLs, import 1D LUT files.

  • ACES: Download of ACES versions and update to ACES v1.0.2.

Quality Check Improvements:

  • Image sequences: Advanced support for additional image sequence formats.

What's New in Version 5.2?

Silverstack v5.2 is a minor upgrade with drive sealing, easy ingest and export to Assimilate Scratch:

Travel Drive Sealing:

  • Sealing: Seal entire volumes.

  • Import: Import sealed library archives.

  • Seal management: Get seal info, delete seals and re-seal drives.

Streamlined Color Workflow:

  • Improved Dailies and transfer functions: Transfer clip and color information to Assimilate Scratch (via ALE).

Quality Check Improvements:

  • Easy ingest: Easily add files to the library without copying.

What's New in Version 5.1?

Silverstack v5.1 is a minor upgrade with a new ScopeBox integration, more advanced format support and support for AJA devices:

Software Integration:

  • Divergent Media: Use ScopeBox to analyse the clip assets in your library.

Advanced Support for New Formats:


  • Panasonic: VRAW from VariCam 35

Extended Device Support for HD-SDI Output:

  • AJA: AJA T-TAP, AJA KONA series, AJA Io series

What's New in Version 5?

Silverstack v5 is a major upgrade for color grading options, look management, extended transfer and enhanced QC functionalities:

Color Grading Features:

  • Typical grade controls: Choose from different grading modes and manipulate your grade interactively for each clip.

  • Look Library: Store looks and manage color decisions for your entire project.

  • Look integration: Grading panel support, look preview, look metadata in reports, and transcoding of clips with custom looks.

Streamlined Color Workflow:

  • Look import from LiveGrade Pro: Export single or multiple looks from LiveGrade and import them into Silverstack.

  • Look matching: Automatically match look metadata from LiveGrade to source clips in Silverstack.

  • Improved Dailies and transfer functions: Transfer clip and color information to Dailies and NLE tools like DaVinci Resolve or Avid Media Composer.

Quality Check Improvements:

  • HD-SDI output: Review your clips in full quality.

  • Frame lines: Check your framing in the media player, and enable frame lines for the HD-SDI output.

A more detailed list of features that are new in Silverstack 5 compared to Silverstack 4 can be found here.

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the Silverstack 5 changelog.

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