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Silverstack Lab 6.2 comes with combined clip transcoding and faster transcoding speed! See all new features!

Benefit from Silverstack Lab

Manage Digital Assets the Most Efficient Way on Set.

Silverstack Lab is the first software that enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool. Footage can be backed up securely and organized transparently – while at the same time dailies can be created.

With this simultaneous approach all digital assets become accessible for review and further processing at the end of every production day.

Create Dailies with High Speed and Manage Them Easily.

Silverstack Lab comes with a high performance transcoding engine, an automated audio sync function, and a library extension that simplifies the management of transcodes. By supporting the parallel creation of AVID DNxHD, ProRes, and

H.264 files in various resolutions at the same time, the dailies creation process becomes extremely fast and reaches a new level of productivity.

  • "I can finally [...] do everything I need to do in one place. Brilliant!"

    Karlis Jaunzems, Cineunit

  • "Lovely software and very easy to use."

    Matt Hutchings, UK

  • "It is my first project using the Lab version on set and I'm loving it!"

    Su-Jeng Sang (Local 600 DIT), US

Data Management and Dailies Creation in One Tool

Switch from a Fragmented to a Seamless Dailies Process.

Silverstack Lab enables a lean and compact data management and dailies creation process that maximizes operational efficiency and reduces workflow complexity.

The production benefits from an intelligent, streamlined and self-contained data management and dailies creation process. The responsibility for this process can be assigned to one person in charge working directly on set.

Imaging Technicians can now offer the entire range of media asset management activities as one integrated service, using one production-proof software that is specifically tailored to their daily tasks on set.

Customer story

I’ll definitely use Silverstack Lab again! It’s a tool which has really proved its worth.

DIT Denis Spycher on his on-set data and dailies Workflow for commercials

Brand commercial production is a chapter of its own in the film industry, with often only very few shooting days and incredibly tight deadlines. One of the people who know this best is Denis Spycher. The Zurich-based DIT and owner of has been filming commercials for domestic and international clients for more than eight years. We recently sat down with Denis to talk about his most recent commercial project for telecommunications company Swisscom, in which he used Silverstack Lab for handling data and dailies.

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Reduced Complexity and Simplified Handling of Footage and Transcodes

Streamline the Data Management and Dailies Creation Workflow on Set.

Silverstack Lab merges data management and dailies creation into one integrated activity. Combining two previously separate production services enables a seamless workflow with less interfaces, a reduced overall complexity and a lower risk of costly errors. Silverstack Lab provides a clear structure and secure processes that enable direct control over footage and immediate access to dailies transcodes.

White Paper: Automatic Resource Management in Silverstack Lab

Learn how Silverstack Lab handles the performance needs of different resources such as GPU, CPU and IO.

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Central Management from One Single Source of Information

Keep Everything Together in One Asset Library.

Starting the very first moment media is loaded off the camera, Silverstack Lab automatically stores all clip, look and audio related information in its central library. When transcodes are created the library also tracks and logs all essential dailies information. Having all media assets in one place makes it easier and faster to manage, control and exchange production critical data. Utilizing this intelligent way of handling media assets makes sure that results can always be delivered in time and on target.

High Quality Dailies at Reduced Costs

Integrate Dailies Creation with On-Set Activity.

By making dailies creation an on-set activity, it becomes possible to review dailies already at the end of every shooting day. This not only enables to keep the original creative intent of the DP in a much more consistent way, but also facilitates a much faster review and analysis of shooting day results. At the same time, communication overhead and related costs are reduced as dailies now are done directly on set.


Video: Dailies Creation Overview

Get an overview of the dailies creation process in Silverstack Lab.

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Fast, Hybrid CPU / GPU-Based Transcoding Engine

Utilize All the Power of Your Machine.

fast hybrid transcoding

Silverstack Lab includes a highly competitive transcoding engine that enables you to deliver content timely, on demand and with no compromises in quality. Beyond that you can reduce the amount of repetitive work as Silverstack Lab enables you to transcode clips simultaneously to various resolutions and to all required output formats like AVID DNxHD, ProRes, and H.264.

Silverstack Lab includes all the power and capabilities you need to rapidly transcode clips for editing systems, web platforms, and storage archives.

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audio workflows

Support for Professional Audio Workflows

Automatically Sync Audio from Audio Recorders.

Silverstack Lab offers a fully automated audio sync functionality. Simply load all externally recorded audio files in the clip library, and Silverstack Lab will do the rest for you. The incorporated syncing wizard detects corresponding audio and video clips based on timecode and automatically syncs them. With Silverstack Lab, you spend less time on manual preparation work, and more time on the creation, management and delivery of digital assets.

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Silverstack Lab enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool.

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