The Detailed Overview.

Features exclusive to Silverstack LAB, others based on Silverstack + XT
* for selected camera formats     ** with audio support

Clip Library

Library Storage of all assets in one comprehensive library
Thumbnails for all assets
Access to all assets at all times, even when offline
File sequences Automatic detection of file sequences
Treatment of entire file sequences as single clips for easier management
File sequence input for JPEG, TIFF and DPX files (e.g. for playback and transcoding of timelapse sequences)
Management Support for camera specific metadata*
Extraction of metadata from clips and sidecar files (XML, ALE, etc.)*
Management of source and transcoded clips in one library
Transcoding statistics
Color & Look Typical grade controls
Node based CDL and LUT grading mode
Advanced grading modes (including ACES modes)
Basic grading nodes include ASC-CDL and 3D LUT
Advanced grading nodes include 1D LUT, HHS and curve nodes
Load and save ASC-CDL (*.cdl) directly to/from grading node
Advanced player grid view for side-by-side reference view of up to 12 clips
Look library
Grading panel support
Combine clip and look information in one library
Manage and download latest ACES versions (up to ACES v1.0.3)
Audio Automatic detection of Broadcast Wave (BWF, .wav) audio files
Automatic assembly of audio tracks to audio clips
Automatic audio sync by timecode
Manual audio sync and sync repositioning
Search Clip search by name, metadata, user info, etc.
Smart-folders for complex and recurring searches
Import Metadata import, merge different libraries with bins, folders, and projects.
Relink Relinking of files which were moved/copied outside of Silverstack

Offload & Backup

Backup Multi-destination file copy
Checksum verified copy for maximum security (MD5, SHA1, xxhash, xxhash64 [compatible to Google’s xxhash])
Support for backing up to LTO tapes via LTFS
Support for backing up to SONY ODA (Optical Disk Archive)
Offload Offload of camera storage cards
Cascading copy, first to fast drives, from there to slower drives
Preservation of folder structures
Creation of custom folder structures with wildcards
Provide custom bin name on offload
Offload wizard templates
Ingest Detection of duplicate clips for less confusion in post
Format-specific ingest preferences for look management, audio and format options
Easily register files in the library without copying
Volumes Overview of all used volumes
Inspection of capacity, fill levels and stored files
Unmounting of volumes without going through Finder
Sealing of volumes to ensure completeness and consistency of media data
Seal management (seal info, delete, re-seal)
Wildcards File name creation based on clip metadata


Job Queue Queuing of jobs for consecutive and parallel execution of multiple jobs
Job History Overview of all finished copy jobs
Job Status Constant access to the status of all jobs through a pervasive status display
Instant and notable indication of success or errors for faster turnaround times

Quality check

Native Playback* Real-time playback of camera-native media
Comprehensive clip timeline for quick navigation
Audio clip playback with metering and channel mixer
Playback of single audio tracks
"Absolute time" and "every frame" playback mode
Processing* Live processing with per-clip settings for playback and transcoding
Anamorphic de-squeeze for correcting images from anamorphic lenses
Flip horizontally (mirror), vertically (upside down) or both (180° rotation)
Look processing (e.g. log-to-video from file, preset or custom 3D LUT)
Frame lines Framing assistance for multiple aspect ratios
HD-SDI output Full quality (10-bit) clip review on HD-SDI monitors
External video supported devices AJA KONA series, AJA Io series, AJA T-TAP
Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio series, Mini Recorder and Decklink cards
Video Scopes Integration with "ScopeBox" (via ScopeLink) for professional video scopes
Playback via Quick Look Media Files: QuickTime, AVI, MPEG4, MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Adobe PhotoShop, TIFF, BMP
Additional Formats: XDCAM HD, DPX and others with 3rd party Quick Look plugins
Production Documents: PDF, HTML, RTF, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, CSV
Display options* Separate color channels
Black and white clipping indicator
Focus assist for inspecting focus on small screens
User Information* Support for comments, labels, ratings and flags
Cue points for commenting on specific frames
In- and Out-Points for marking relevant clip segments
Cue points are fully integrated into the library search


Transcoding Comprehensive transcoding tab to manage transcoding settings
Path wildcards for custom folder structures of transcoding destinations
Transcoding preview player mode to preview the transcoding configuration
Automatic ingest of transcoded clips to the library
Support of second GPU for transcoding
Destination Formats MXF DNxHD
QuickTime ProRes
Quicktime H.264
Transcoding Options One custom transcoding configuration and multiple preinstalled transcoding presets
Multiple custom transcoding configurations
Multi format and multi destination transcoding to different resolutions
Output resolutions larger than Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Advanced burn-in options and watermarking
Frame line burn-ins
Embedded Audio Stereo mixdown with Linear PCM and AAC codecs
Multichannel audio in transcoded clips
Automatic pause of transcoding during copy and playback
Workflow Support Automatic metadata companion file export
Compositing De-squeeze and flip conversion
Transcoding with look from file or as in library
Configurable resolution and cropping


Export Distribute well structured information to others on and beyond set
Formats Export reports including all metadata from the library
Choose from multiple formats (CSV, HTML, PDF)
Choose from multiple report types
Customize metadata content of reports

Import & Export

Import Matching of QTake XMLs for metadata import
Matching of MovieSlate XMLs for metadata import
Conforming EDLs for consolidating referenced clips in a new bin
Importing of sealed library archives
Export Export of FCP XML and FCP X FCPXML file with extended metadata
Export of ALE file
Export to DaVinci Resolve including clip (*.csv) and color (*.ccc, ColorTrace) metadata
Export to Assimilate Scratch including color metadata (via *.ale)
Export to AVID Media Composer including color metadata (via *.ale)
Export of clip metadata to Adobe Premiere Pro (via *.xml)
Export of still images (JPG, TIFF) from player
Looks Import of Looks from Pomfort's LiveGrade
Import of custom 3D-LUT files
Export of Looks to multiple formats

User Interface

UI Layouts Quick access buttons for UI Layouts "Manage", "QC" and "Color"
Quick access button for UI Layout "Transcoding Configuration"
Second Display Two screen working environment

Advanced Camera Support

ARRIRAW ARRI Alexa (.ari) **
ARRI Alexa Mini (.mxf)
ARRI Amira (.mxf)
ARRI Alexa 65 (.ari) **
AVC-Intra Panasonic Varicam
Canon XF Movies Canon C300 Mk. I & II **
Canon C500 **
Canon C700 **
Canon MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (*.mts) Canon C100 **
Bolex D16 **
Generic Image Sequences JPEG
H.264 Quicktime Movies Canon DSLR **
GoPro Hero **
Nikon DSLR **
Panasonic DNG RAW Panasonic Varicam LT (with Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+)
Phantom Cine Vision Research Phantom Flex/Flex4K/Miro
ProRes Quicktime Movies AJA KiPro
ARRI Alexa / Alexa Mini **
ARRI Amira **
Atomos Ninja and Samurai
Codex Action Cam
Convergent Design Odyssey
REDCODE Red Epic **
Red One **
Red Weapon **
Red Scarlet-W **
Sony RAW Sony F5/F55/F65
V-RAW Panasonic Varicam
X-OCN Sony F5/F55 (with AXS-R7 recorder)
XAVC Sony F5/F55 **
XAVC S Sony a7S **


User Interface English

System Requirements

Computer Intel Mac
Operating System macOS 10.10 or higher

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