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Episode 1

“You can’t stop the change, any more than you can stop the suns from setting.”

If you’ve been making films for some time, you’ll remember the Big Bang of digital cinematography that completely shook up the film industry during the 2010er years. Like meteor showers, new digital cameras were approaching rapidly, causing collisions among established workflows and professions. It was a truly turbulent and chaotic time for everyone involved as switching from film-based to file-based workflows created entirely new production requirements and challenges. Especially affected were the camera and tech departments who saw their previous routines disappear as if swallowed by a black hole.

But there was a Silver(stack) lining on the horizon! We developed and launched the first on-set software for secure and comprehensive management of digital movie files - it kind of felt like we were the first setting foot on the moon. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much. We can say without exaggeration, though, that this was our first step towards becoming an indispensable player in digital film production technology.

Episode 2

“I don’t care about what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do.”

In a relatively short time-span, film stock and tape were floating into oblivion like space junk. Excited about the emerging opportunities and unsolved challenges, we kept exploring the expanding universe of digital production. From day one, we were determined to make life easier for on-set technicians by designing tools that actually addressed their needs. Some might say that in the early and messy stages of digital cinematography, the ability to use a computer was enough to be put in charge of the digital assets.

However, as the field matured, tasks got increasingly complex and technicians really began specializing in the area. Pomfort software helped shape the development of that new distinct profession: The Digital Imaging Technician. Since then, the role of the DIT and Pomfort evolved alongside each other as we established a symbiotic relationship of mutual influence and inspiration. To stick with the space imagery here: A laptop with Pomfort software became the DIT’s loyal Droid.

Episode 3

“This is the Way”

Over time, we’ve added countless new features and many products to the Pomfort cosmos - among them a true shooting star. With Livegrade, we established the first widely-used software for color grading and correcting camera live images. By putting DITs in charge of both on-set data and color management, we added a whole new sphere to their responsibilities. As DITs now also visualized looks on set, collaborations with creative roles such as directors, cinematographers, editors, and colorists intensified. To enable convenient and efficient workflows among all involved parties, we put great effort into advancing compatibility and integrations with other manufacturers’ products.

When we started the company, being positioned alongside key industry players seemed light-years away. Hence, we’re beyond grateful to be an integral part of this strong and international network now. Our presence at countless trade shows and industry events further reflects our core belief that investing in lasting relationships with partners and users is the way to go when aiming to design products of true value.

Episode 4

“There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it’s just a matter of finding it.”

Today, the universe is as explored as never before. We’ve mapped galaxies and constellations, named celestial bodies, and built space ships to visit them. Film professionals worldwide have also conquered the universe of Digital Film Production as they can now rely on established software, workflows, and shared standards. While the DIT cart might not always be the glaring sun on set, it sure is an essential focal point as numerous departments orbit around it. Contemporary DITs don’t just move files from one disk to another. They manage the most valuable assets on set, design and coordinate streamlined workflows, build bridges between production steps and departments - all in support of a smooth production flow.

As with outer space, there are still many unexplored corners, and technological advances might lead to new possibilities and challenges in the future. As the film industry continues to evolve, we’re here to support and shape this ongoing journey. In doing so, we’ll keep focusing on the needs of our stars on set: All the Digital Imaging Technicians out there.*

* It’s cheesy, but it’s true.

And the Journey Continues…

While we loved looking back on our past, we can’t wait to turn all our future plans into reality.

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