Three Tips to Use Silverstack More Efficiently

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Three Tips to Use Silverstack More Efficiently

Silverstack itself makes your workflows on set easier.
But do you know about these three tricks to use the software even more efficiently?

Access to Visual Control Functionalities
Silverstack’s QC filters (such as Clipping Indicator, False Color and Focus Assist) allow for an initial quality check even in a set environment. Use the button on the top right of the player window for one-click access or in the Playback menu: Show visual controls.

Quick Metadata Handling
You can quickly annotate lots of clips with metadata (such as slate information) with our handy keyboard shortcuts. You can find all keyboard shortcuts in our Knowledge Base.

Single frames vs. Image Sequence
A sequence of JPG files could be a time lapse sequence or a bunch of set photos. In the first case you want to treat this as one clip, in the second you might want to see each photo as a single entry in Silverstack. You can choose whether to handle file sequences as one clip or as single images in the Preferences.

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