My DIT Cart – Michael Romano 6 min read

My DIT Cart – Michael Romano

A good DIT cart is the basis for every digital imaging technician’s work. Hawai’i based Michael Romano owns all in all five different carts for various requirements. He uses a mix and match approach to be prepared for every kind of film set. Read more on how he handles his carts and power supply and see what’s his favorite part about his DIT cart in our in-depth interview.

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My DIT Cart – Frank Devine 4 min read

My DIT Cart – Frank Devine

Starting today comes a new series of blog posts featuring DITs and their DIT carts. We take a look at different setups, common components and the little tweaks that make every single DIT cart unique.

To kick off this series Vancouver based digital imaging technician Frank Devine gave us an exclusive look behind the scenes of his DIT cart.

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