Color in Silverstack: Part 1 – The Look Library

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Color in Silverstack: Part 1 – The Look Library

Version 5 extends Silverstack with new features for color workflows. In a three-part series of newsletters we will walk you through the most important aspects. Today we want to turn the spotlight on the all-new look library.

The Look Library
One of the key benefits when working with Silverstack is instant access to all metadata and annotations in the clip library. The look library adds a whole new dimension to your on-set workflows. From now on you can manage media and color metadata in one place. Use the look library to organize all looks of your entire project and benefit from extended well-known functionalities like report creation and transcoding. Both now include your color data.

Import Looks
So, where do looks come from? First and foremost you can load custom 3D LUTs and grade directly within Silverstack (we will cover this topic in our next newsletter). In combination with LiveGrade 3.4 it is possible to import single looks or whole look archives. Silverstack’s Matching Wizard automatically applies these looks to the according clips in the library.

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