Color in Silverstack: Part 2 – Color Grading

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Color in Silverstack: Part 2 – Color Grading

Last week we introduced you to Silverstack’s new look library and how to import looks from LiveGrade. Part 2 of our three-part series takes a closer look at color grading and how you can use it in your production.

Color Grading as Part of Your Image Design
Depending on the production environment it can be convenient to manage your clips and work with color within the same software. Silverstack v5 comes with all necessary controls for primary color correction and a whole range of supported grading modes like for example CDL + 3D LUT and ACES. Grade looks, apply them to your source material, and finally transcode the clips and the corresponding looks for preview or your dailies.

Grading Embedded in a Bigger Production Workflow
With clip and look library in one place it is easy to apply predefined looks to source material for review or transcoding, e.g. in H.264 format. The typical grade controls allow quick tweaking or last minute refinements of imported or matched looks before you transfer clip and color data to dailies creation.

–> Learn how to work with grading controls in Silverstack: See Knowledge Base article.

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