Color in Silverstack: Part 3 – Transfer Data for Dailies

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Color in Silverstack: Part 3 – Transfer Data for Dailies

By now you are an expert on working with the look library and Silverstack’s extensive color grading features. In the final part of our series we will tell you everything you need to know about how Silverstack’s new color features speed up your entire data management process.

Transfer Color Metadata to DaVinci Resolve and AVID Media Composer

Within your production workflow Silverstack isn’t the end of the line. As a central ingest and data management station Silverstack offers new and customized functionalities to export clips to DaVinci Resolve or AVID Media Composer including ASC-CDL color metadata.

? See our in-depth articles on transfer to DaVinci Resolve and AVID Media Composer.

Clip Reports, Data Exchange and Transcoding

Silverstack 5’s all in one media and color library is designed to streamline your production workflow: Easily create customizable PDF reports, transfer your data to another Silverstack system or the next production step, or transcode media for preview. All of it now of course, you guessed it, including color metadata.

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