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Easily Apply Custom Looks for Each Clip in Your Library

Easily Apply Custom Looks for Each Clip in Your Library

Did you know that Silverstack v4.3 provides features for applying custom looks to your clips?You can either choose to set look preferences before ingesting, or you can always change the look when clips are already part of the library. Silverstack v4.3…

  • …can apply a look based on metadata from the source file,
  • …lets you choose from a comprehensive list of look presets for specific cameras, and
  • …supports loading of custom 3D-LUTs for individual look workflows.

Looks can be displayed in Silverstack’s player as well as in the thumbnail view. Furthermore, clips transcoded directly in Silverstack can also show the selected look. Learn more here.

Silverstack v4.3 is a free update for all subscribers of Silverstack and Silverstack XT.
Not a subscriber yet? Check out all of Silverstack’s powerful features with a 14 days free trial:

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