My DIT Cart: Frank Devine

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My DIT Cart: Frank Devine

Starting today comes a new series of blog posts featuring DITs and their DIT carts. We take a look at different setups, common components and the little tweaks that make every single DIT cart unique.

To kick off this series Vancouver based digital imaging technician Frank Devine gave us an exclusive look behind the scenes of his DIT cart.

DIT Frank Devine at his cart.

DIT Frank Devine at his cart. Picture: Ricardo Hubbs

Frank, can you tell us a bit about yourself, for example where you are based and what projects you are usually booked for?

Frank: Hi, I am a DIT based out of Vancouver. I am an American/Canadian citizen but primarily work all over British Columbia. Predominantly I work in television and a mix of features, online content, and direct to video projects. I have never worked on a commercial even though I studied advertising in college.

Frank Devine's DIT cart outside.

Frank Devine’s DIT cart outside.

We know that everyone’s cart setup varies. How would you describe your personal overall cart setup?

Frank: My cart is organic, constantly growing and changing. It needs to satisfy every unforeseen need that a production throws at it. The cart is a reflection of my philosophy to always grow and improve.

Please tell us more about the components of your cart.

Frank: The cart contents change based on the project, adding and removing equipment as needed.

It has a server rack at its core. As the foundation it makes it is easy to install rack mountable equipment. It usually has 2 24” monitors and has an arm attachment if I need an additional monitor.

Frank Devine's DIT cart: all cables in neat order.

Frank Devine’s DIT cart: all cables in neat order.

The cart is ready for 12 cameras, but is configured for 4. Also, signal analysis with 4 independent scopes, video capture and playback, routing to up to 12 distinct signals, RAID storage, and one of the most important tools: a UPS.

A table folds out in front for the director and director of photography. 2 cell phone chargers, 2 cup holders, and brackets to attach iris controls. It also has a personality of its own, offering smiles with its pinwheel, and music for the crew at wrap.

More Details of Frank's DIT cart.

More Details of Frank’s DIT cart.

What kind of video gear and computer gear did you include in your cart?

Frank: I have 4 LUT boxes, 2 video capture devices, a video router, OLED monitors, 24TB of storage, a multi viewer, a wifi router, USB hub, and a laptop. Shortly I will be adding a network server for mass storage and a more powerful computer for dailies generation, ideally with Silverstack Lab.

Additional tools hanging from Frank Devine's DIT cart.

Additional tools hanging from Frank Devine’s DIT cart.

What is your personal favorite component of your cart?

Frank: My pinwheel brings a smile to my face while pushing my cart from set to set, it’s happy and adds a bit of humour to what feels like a very serious profession.

My DIT Cart: Frank Devine

Second is my multi-viewer. It has a lot of features and increases my ability to distribute up to 12 signals on a single monitor.

What has been the latest addition to your DIT cart?

Frank: I have added 2 new scopes, 2 sliding shelves, a cup holder, and a speaker. I am currently prepping the new computer for Cart 4.0. The goal is to be lighter, stronger, and more flexible.

DIT Frank Devine on set with his cart.

DIT Frank Devine on set with his cart.

What does your cart mean to you?

Frank: My cart represents my goal to give the best service I can. I want it to accept every challenge thrown at it and conquer them without issue. And I want it to make every client happy. Not just every client, but every crewmember that encounters it.

My cart represents my passion for the job, learning as much as I can to be a better technician.

Thank you very much, Frank!

For more info on Frank visit his website and follow him on Instagram for more cool pictures of his DIT cart.







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