Full version of free verification tool MediaVerify now released

MediaVerify Pomfort New Release

Today, we officially released the full version of MediaVerify

As data travels across departments, one must ensure its completeness and integrity. MediaVerify enhances data verification along the production pipeline by extending ASC MHL-based workflows from set to post: If received data was previously managed with ASC MHL (e.g., by Silverstack), MediaVerify uses the same specification for quick and reliable verification. Benefit from features like: 

  • Automated Completeness Scan: Save valuable time as missing and new files get identified even before verification. 
  • Detailed History View: Get a structured overview of each file’s histories and generations, including info on hash formats, date, time, and data management activities. 
  • Extendable Contact Info: View and share contact information directly within the ASC MHL history to request missing files or get further insights. 

MediaVerify is a free application for Windows and Mac. Visit the website for more details and the download link!