LiveGrade Air now integrates support for Panasonic Varicam

LiveGrade Air, the iOS App for professional look creation now interactively controls in-camera looks of Panasonic Varicam 35

LiveGrade Air allows DOPs and DITs to prepare and visualize looks for their professional film production workflows directly on their iPad or iPhone. The new support for Panasonic Varicam 35 gives filmmakers greater creative control as they can interactively adjust the looks in the Varicam just with an iPad that is connected to the camera via WiFi.

Munich, Germany, July 9th, 2015 – In collaboration with Panasonic, Pomfort today announces the immediate availability of an update of LiveGrade Air that now integrates the ability to interactively control looks in the Varicam 35 via Wifi. LiveGrade Air is an iOS App that helps DOPs and DITs to prepare and control colors and looks for workflows in film productions of all budgets. Beyond all free App functionalities enabling an intuitive way of working with images and colors, there is now the option to enhance LiveGrade Air with the affordable add-on feature “remote look control ” for the Panasonic Varicam 35. With this latest update, Pomfort offers another innovative feature that facilitates the daily work of film production professionals.

LiveGrade Air gives filmmakers the freedom to create and visualize their color-ideas on the go by just using their iPad or iPhone. As the Varicam 35 supports creative work with the image using 3D LUT (lookup tables) as well as CDL (color decision list), the look metadata can be directly controlled and managed with the color grading iOS App LIveGrade Air via an Ethernet oer Wi-Wi connection. For exchanging the created looks with the film team the app provides support for the exchange of essential look formats.

“As workflows have changed, most productions are aware that post-production starts on the film set during shooting,” said Rob Tarrant, European Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic. “Post-production color management efficiency can be drastically improved by good preparation and pre-visualization during shooting. Initializing the image look in-camera is the best way to enable a managed color process throughout production and post-production.”

“Our intention to develop the new LiveGrade Air for iOS was to further simplify the look creation process, so that especially the DOP can express his color ideas in preparation for his team members.“ explains Patrick Renner, Head of Product Design at Pomfort. “LiveGrade Air fulfills this requirement by allowing DOPs and DITs to work on the look of images by directly applying and adjusting colors in interaction with the Panasonic Varicam.“

The free version of LiveGrade Air enables a very simple and intuitive way of working with images and colors. Images can be imported as an JPG, TIFF or ASC-CDL file. Stills shot in log mode can easily be displayed in Rec.709. LiveGrade Air comes with innovative multi-touch grading controls that allow to interactively adjust colors by swiping on the display. All color correction settings can be stored, organized, and recalled as desired in the still library. Created looks can be exchanged by simply exporting them as common JPGs for visual reference or as ASC-CDL files for usage in further production steps. All essential features for color correction and for exchanging created looks with the production team are included in the free version of LiveGrade Air. To extend the app with advanced features there is the in-app purchase for the Panasonic Varicam available.

Key Features LiveGrade Air

Look Correction
• Color correction of still images
• Processing pipeline is based on ASC-CDL and 3D-LUTs
• Innovative multi-touch grading controls
• 3D-LUT presets (“log-to-video”) for common digital film cameras

Still library
• Organize stills and looks in projects and groups
• Stills can be selected as a reference for comparison with current grade • Metadata can be stored (e.g. slate information)

Import and export of looks
• Import and export of images (JPG, PNG, TIFF for import, JPG for export) • Import and export of ASC-CDL files
• Multi-export for exporting multiple looks at once


Available options for In-App Purchases:

a. Panasonic Varicam remote look control
• Interactive, Remote Look Manipulation of Panasonic Varicam Cameras
• Preview Look in Camera and Store Look in Media Files’ Metadata

b. Workflow Bundle
• Import and export of 3D-LUTs (.cube)
• Display calibration for exact image display
• False color mode for high-precision image evaluation

c. Teradek Cube live image
• Receive and color-correct a camera’s live image via Wifi


System requirements

iOS 8 on iPad or iPhone


Pricing and Availability

1. Free version:
– Free download and usage with major color correction and export features

2. Add-on features:

– “Panasonic Varicam Look Control” $99.00 USD
– „Workflow Bundle“ $17.99 USD
– „Teradek Cube Live Image“ $ 49.99 USD


Press Material

A screencast and product screenshots of LiveGrade Air, as well as all other Pomfort products, are available at


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