Comments of LiveGrade users:


“Program has totally revolutionized the way I work as where I live productions can’t afford other solutions, so this and and HDlink are perfect.” Grant McPhee

“On many recent national commercial spots, including a high end Beauty Spot for Garnier cosmetics, Pomfort LiveGrade in conjunction with my BlackMagic HDLink Pro has helped me tremendously create dailies level LUTs that made both the Director of Photography and the Client extremely happy because it saved valuable time in the color correction suite and gave greater confidence to everyone on set in being able to achieve desired results from the image. Thanks to Pomfort it’s easier to gain greater creative control at the highest level of quality, even under demanding budgetary constraints.

Dan Kanes, Local 600 DIT

“As a company that supplies both Digital Imaging Technicians and equipment we have beta tested Live-grade for the past 2 months and the feedback from out DITs is very positive. Being able to utilize BlackMagic’s HD Link Pro and deliver a live graded picture with off the shelf equipment, will no doubt be a game changer for many productions.”

Tristan Hey, 4KLondon

“CDL Grade in LiveGrade is incredible: Everything is lining up beautifully in Resolve.”

Ben Cain, NYC DIT (

“LiveGrade with CDL support is AWESOME!! Exporting CDLs for Resolve works perfectly!”

Dustin Cross, IATSE Local 600 DIT

“Pomfort is treading new waters every day, and LiveGrade is going to break down all the walls that separate the DIT from the crew by making what we do something that everyone can see and appreciate–and their CDL function allows the Colorist to pick up where we left off. I can’t wait to use it on my upcoming feature film gig on “The Bounceback”, in Austin, Texas. Pomfort has a high quality line of other products, notably, Silverstack–a wonderful new tool for DITs that consolidates their workflow into one great program.”

Justin Warren, DIT (

“Live Grade has been a crucial part of our workflow on all of our latest projects! It has worked flawlessly, and is a very simple yet powerful tool for DIT’s”

Jonathan Carbonaro, DIT