LiveGrade: Nodes and Grading Modes Explained in Detail

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LiveGrade: Nodes and Grading Modes Explained in Detail

Different projects and hardware setups demand different color pipelines for previewing looks on set. LiveGrade offers „modes“ and „nodes“ for that. Let’s take closer look today:

The Grading Panel in LiveGrade with its multiple nodes represents the currently applied look and the single color filters that build it up. Examples are the color wheel („CDL“) or saturation nodes. You can add new nodes depending on your color pipeline, and each node can be enabled/disabled individually by un-marking the blue check box.

The dropdown at the top of the Grading Panel lets you choose a “Grading Mode“ – a pre-defined combination of nodes for specific setups. Certain modes give you the possibility to change the order of your nodes, but always keep in mind that the nodes get applied to the signal from top to bottom.

For a detailed look on modes, nodes, and useful tips and tricks please click the link to our Knowledge Base article:

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