Livegrade Studio Integrates Now With Megapixel’s LED Processing Platform

Pomfort Livegrade Studio Now Integrates With Megapixel's HELIOS LED-processing platform!

Exciting news for virtual production workflows: Livegrade Studio now integrates with Megapixel’s HELIOS® –  a state-of-the-art LED processing platform facilitating large-format LED displays. Take advantage of Livegrade’s powerful grading features to blend foreground and background into one seamless outcome.

Through network connectivity, Livegrade Studio empowers HELIOS® users to adjust the content displayed on the LED walls in real time via CDL values. CDL is a common metadata file standard developed by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) to exchange standard color correction information between production tools. This new integration ensures camera departments can rely on their established grading workflows to control images and foster efficient collaboration with the virtual production crew. 

Released with Livegrade Studio v6.4.4 – What’s New in Livegrade Studio
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