“Measuring the World” Bestseller-Novell in 3D

"Measuring the World" Bestseller-Novell in 3D

Screenplay of the international bestseller-novel “Measuring the world”

Based on the lives of 19th-century explorer Alexander von Humboldt and a contemporary, mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, Kehlmann’s novel, a German bestseller widely heralded as an exemplar of “new” German fiction, injects musty history with shots of whimsy and irony.

Camera: Slawomir Idziak
Director: Detlev Buck
Production: Boje & Buck
Stereographer: Daniele Siragusano

Stereo 3D production with 6 rigs:
1 x Alexa Rig SxS
2 x Sony F3 Rigs KiPro
3 x Panasonic KiPro Mini