New Export Formats: Transfer Looks to Silverstack

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New Export Formats: Transfer Looks to Silverstack

LiveGrade Version 3.4 comes with extended export features that help to streamline your look workflows and increase your efficiency on set.

New Export Formats
The magic lies within the new Pomfort look exchange format (*.pfl) for single looks and the look archive format (*.pfla) for multiple looks. A .pfl file can be used to transport single looks to other workstations running LiveGrade 3.4 or Silverstack 5, including all grading nodes and their settings. Look archives do the same for a whole set of looks.

Extended Color Workflows
In combination with Silverstack it is possible to associate looks with their corresponding clips automatically. Simply export a look archive from LiveGrade and the Matching Wizard in Silverstack does the rest. Benefit from an all-in-one library, combined media and color metadata reports, and a convenient transfer to DaVinci Resolve or Avid Media Composer.

Learn more in our in-depth Knowledge Base article.

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