New Features in Livegrade Pro and Studio with Version 6.2

New versions 6.2 of Livegrade Pro and Studio just released

Unlock more powerful features with our latest update of Livegrade Pro and Studio. Version 6.2 comes with the following upgrades: 

  • AMF Round-Trip: Exchange looks within ACES pipelines via the ACES Metadata File format (first third-party interplay with Colorfront’s Express Dailies).
  • Load movies at thumbnail frame position: Toggle between loading movies at the first frame or at the thumbnail frame’s position.
  • Chinese Localization: Your first language is Chinese? The Livegrade UI is now also available in Chinese for improved usability. 
  • macOS Compatibility: Responding to user feedback, we reintroduced support for macOS 10.15.

You can find a comprehensive list of all updates here: 

What’s New in Livegrade Pro 6.2
What’s New in Livegrade Studio 6.2