New Features to Improve Overall Performance

Silverstack Lab and Silverstack/XT 8.6 Release Header graphice

We’ve just released v8.6 of Silverstack Lab and Silverstack/XT with new performance-enhancing updates and integrations! Highlights include: 

  • H.264/H.265-based Codecs and ProRes: Significant performance boosts for many video codecs (e.g., XAVC, XF-AVC, MXF-ProRes) on Apple Silicon systems with video and/or ProRes decode engines.
  • LockitNetwork Metadata Importer: Import script/continuity metadata from the LockitNetwork cloud service.
  • Streamdeck Integration: Control Silverstack Lab through Elgato Stream Deck devices [Lab Only].
  • Daily License Activation Mode: Convenient option for using the same license on multiple devices on different days.

You can find a comprehensive list of all updates here: 

What’s New in Silverstack Lab 8.6

What’s New in Silverstack/XT 8.6