The new Pomfort Account 4 min read

The new Pomfort Account

Updated 2019-03-13: New download functionality added 

With the introduction of the Pomfort Account the management of licenses becomes more transparent and offers new options for customers. The following article explains the motivation behind the new Pomfort Account and outlines how it plays into the overall licensing concept.

The Pomfort Licensing System

All Pomfort products use license codes and an activation process to ensure that only customers can use the software. There are many different mechanisms for licensing in use today, but what they all have in common is that they always introduce some kind of extra effort for the user. Here at Pomfort we chose to work with license codes as a lightweight, instant means to transfer licenses to the user directly after the purchase in our online store.

Over time we learned that quite a few users switch back and forth between machines regularly with multiple licenses. For that our applications allow to deactivate licenses on one computer and activate it on another computer. In such scenarios it’s sometimes not easy to keep the overview of which license is currently installed on which computer, in particular when a user owns multiple licenses. Also, in case a user doesn’t have access to a computer where a license is still installed, he needs manual assistance from our sales team for locating and changing activations. Even with this manual assistance, some issues and requests cannot be solved instantly, for example due to time zone differences.

To address these issues and give customers more control over their licenses, we developed the Pomfort Account.

What is the Pomfort Account?

The Pomfort Account is an online system that allows customers to manage and review their personal licenses of Pomfort products in one overview. The system is web-based and optimized to be used properly from smart phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.

Every customer can create an account by registering at The email address that is used as the login name should be the same email address that has been used for the purchase of licenses.  When registering a new account with an email address, all licenses purchased with the same email address are automatically associated with that account. *

What can I do with the Pomfort Account?

Manage My Licenses

The Pomfort Account displays all active and recently expired licenses and additional information associated with it. This includes the license keys themselves, various temporal information such as purchase date, activation date, expiry date and all upcoming renewal dates for subscriptions.

The new Pomfort Account
The license overview in the Pomfort Account

In addition, the system shows information about the location where a license is activated. For this purpose we introduced a new feature in our products, that allows users to set a free-text “Location Name” to help them identify the computer where a license is activated on. That way it becomes easier to not only manage the licenses themselves, but also the computers using these licenses in the Pomfort Account.

Download the Software

Besides looking up information about your licenses, you can also start a direct software download from within the account. In the “Downloads” tab, you can see all downloads that are available for you currently (what you see here depends on the licenses you’ve purchased). You can start the download by clicking on “Start Download”. Apart from the current downloads, the tab also shows you all software trials that you can sign up for. Clicking on “‘Start Free Trial” will take you to the trial signup form, where you can start your trial.

Emergency Licenses

One addition to our licensing process that we’ve introduced with the Pomfort Account is the option to create an “Emergency License”. Customers with active and running subscriptions can issue such a license in case the activation of a certain regular license doesn’t work. This emergency license is a fully functional license that can be activated on any machine, for example on a replacement computer.

Creating an emergency license works at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection to the Pomfort Account. An emergency license runs for five days, which should be long enough to get through the most stressful production situations and extended holiday seasons.

Both the Pomfort Account and the emergency licenses for subscription customers are intended to improve the experience with our licenses process by increasing the overview of purchased licenses and their activation state, and to resolve the most urgent questions and issues about licenses directly within the account.

Besides the Pomfort Account, our sales and support teams are also happy to resolve any additional questions regarding Pomfort’s license process.

For logging into the Pomfort Account or registering a new account please visit

For more details how the Pomfort Account works, please visit

* Adding licenses purchased with different email addresses is a manual process that has to be performed by our sales team at

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