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With the Pomfort Account, you can easily and transparently manage your Pomfort licenses and accounts. In this article, we explain why we created the Pomfort Account and how it contributes to the overall licensing concept.

The Pomfort Licensing System

All Pomfort desktop applications use license codes and an activation process, whereas all available plans for our cloud-based solution ShotHub need to be directly associated with a Pomfort Account (via email address). Therefore, you can only use the software if you are a Pomfort customer. With your license code, you can download your Pomfort software applications and start using them right away! 

Over time users have expressed the need to switch back and forth between machines regularly with multiple licenses. So, we developed a way to easily migrate licenses from one computer to another with two dedicated activation modes to choose from. 

In such scenarios, it can be difficult to keep track of which license is currently installed on which computer, particularly when you own multiple licenses. Also, in case you don’t have access to a computer where a license is still installed, you might need manual assistance from our sales team to locate and change activations depending on which mode is active. Even with manual assistance, some issues and requests cannot be solved instantly, for example, due to time zone differences.

To address these issues and give you more control over your licenses, we developed the Pomfort Account.

What is the Pomfort Account?

The Pomfort Account is an online system that allows you to manage and review your personal Pomfort licenses and ShotHub plans in one place. The system is web-based and accessible from smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Every customer can create an account by registering at The email address that you use to log in should be the same email address that was used to purchase licenses and ShotHub plans. When you use your email address to create a new account, all licenses and plans purchased with that email address are automatically associated with that account1.

What can I do with the Pomfort Account?


The Pomfort Account is generally divided into two sections— “Desktop Applications” and “Online Services”. These display all active and recently expired licenses and ShotHub plans as well as all relevant additional information including license keys, purchase date, activation date, expiry date, and all upcoming renewal dates for subscriptions.

Pomfort Software Film Production Blog Product Know How The Pomfort Account License Overview
The license overview in the Pomfort Account
Pomfort Software Film Production Blog
Overview of ShotHub plans- including a direct link to the ShotHub login page

Inside your Pomfort Account, you can view the most recently saved invoices for all licenses and plans. You can also change the preferred payment method for any annual subscriptions. 

Your Pomfort account shows you where your license is active, so we’ve introduced a feature, that allows you to set a free-text “Location Name” to help them identify on which computer a license is active. That way it becomes easier to not only manage the licenses themselves but also the computers using these licenses in the Pomfort Account.

Switch Activation Mode

With the optional Daily Activation Mode, you now have a new convenient way of using the same license on multiple devices on different days. Hence, there are now two different activation modes available that you can choose for your yearly subscriptions.

By default, all subscriptions are set to the Standard Activation Mode. In the “Licenses” tab of your Pomfort Account, this can easily be changed by setting the current activation mode to “Daily” for each individual license subscription.

Pomfort Software Film Production Blog Product Know How Daily Activation Mode Standard vs. Daily License Activation Mode
Standard vs. Daily License Activation Mode

Download the Software

Besides looking up information about your licenses and plans, managing your subscriptions, or changing activation modes, you can also start a direct software download from within the account. In the “Downloads” tab, you can see all downloads that are available for you currently (what you see here depends on the licenses you’ve purchased). You can start the download by clicking on “Start Download.” Apart from the current downloads, the tab also shows you all software trials that you can sign up for. Clicking on “Start Free Trial” will take you to the trial signup form, where you can start your trial.

Emergency Licenses

An additional feature to our licensing process with the Pomfort Account is the option to create an “Emergency License.” Customers with active and running subscriptions can issue such a license in case the activation of a certain regular license doesn’t work. This emergency license is a fully functional license that can be activated on any machine, for example on a replacement computer.

Creating an emergency license works at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection to the Pomfort Account. An emergency license runs for five days, which should be long enough to get through the most stressful production situations and extended holiday seasons.


Both the Pomfort Account and the emergency licenses for subscription customers are intended to improve the experience with our license process by increasing the available information in the overview of purchased licenses and their activation state, as well as resolving the most urgent questions and issues about licenses directly within the account.

Besides the Pomfort Account, our sales and support teams are also happy to resolve any additional questions regarding Pomfort’s license process.

For logging into the Pomfort Account or registering a new account please visit

For more details how the Pomfort Account works, please visit

[1] Adding licenses purchased with different email addresses is a manual process that has to be performed by our sales team at

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