NOW Available: New Silverstack 3.3 update

Includes ARRIRAW Real-time Playback and metadata support and a brand new Transcoding functionality to convert major camera formats to QuickTime movies

Pomfort today announced the immediate availability of Silverstack 3.3. The update includes real- time playback and metadata support of ARRI AlexaTM RAW sequences and comes with a brand new “First Look Transcoding” functionality that enables the efficient conversion of e.g. RAW sequences or other professional camera formats into QuickTime ProRes and H.264. Furthermore, the new update adds the highly requested support for playback and metadata for CinemaDNG RAW sequences.

Munich (November 05, 2013) – Pomfort, a global provider of professional solutions for data and color management on the film set, today releases a new update to its flagship software product Silverstack. The new Silverstack 3.3 adds real-time playback and metadata support both for ARRI AlexaTM RAW and for CinemaDNG RAW sequences – allowing an efficient quality check of footage directly at the film set, and enabling the organization and preparation of clips on the basis of technical and descriptive metadata in the Silverstack library.

As workflows have changed, most productions are aware that postproduction nowadays starts on the film set during the shooting. The better clips are evaluated and organized from the beginning, the easier and timesaving is the handling of data – particularly of RAW data over the entire workflow. This is essential for high-end film productions, smaller commercial productions and also for individual working documentary filmmakers, as all take advantage of Silverstack by having always control over the distributed movie data and benefit from making footage fullscreen viewable as well as traceable with the help of Silverstack’s clip library.

Furthermore, the new updated Silverstack 3.3 comes with the brand new First Look Transcoding functionality that makes it easy to distribute footage for example to web–based production platforms or mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. With simple steps, users can transcode the supported camera formats like ARRIRAW, XAVC, R3D and more to QuickTime ProRes and H.264 formats. The new feature also allows batch processing, that streamlines the transcoding of large numbers of files and enables preparation of source files for evaluation at the film set. Having even more control over the transcoding output, Silverstack 3.3 adds the possibility to crop, resize and to change the resolution of the QuickTime clips.

Another interesting feature addresses filmmakers using 2x or 1.3x anamorphic lenses. The added de-squeeze feature in Silverstack allows to properly view images in the corrected aspect ratio.

The new Silverstack 3.3 update includes:

  • First Look Transcoding to QuickTime ProRes and H.264, configurable resolution and cropping, Batch export with background transcoding to multiple formats and multiple destinations
  • Real-time ARRIRAW playback, metadata library support, thumbnails,
  • Real-time CinemaDNG RAW playback; metadata library support for Blackmagic CinemaCamera, Indiecam, Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex and others.
  • EDL conform, e.g. of ARRIRAW
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze and flip image in playback and First Look Transcoding

Silverstack 3.3 includes a lot of new features for professional DITs and film technicians to increase the quality of their job, to make their workflow more secure, fast and transparent and furthermore to simplify their daily work by reducing time and effort.

Pricing and Availability

Silverstack 3.3 can be purchased for US$ 699 / EUR 549. This latest update is free for existing customers of Silverstack version 3.x. Pomfort also offers rental prices for the duration of 14 days / one month / two months / three months.

Silverstack 3.3 is available at Pomfort’s web store ( and through Pomfort’s authorized resellers worldwide.

A 14-day trial version is available as a free download at:

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System requirements

* Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

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