On-Set Data Management: A Collection of Some Basic Principles (Compilation Article) 2 min read

On-Set Data Management: A Collection of Some Basic Principles (Compilation Article)

There certainly is no general, always valid guideline for executing on-set data management in film productions as the requirements can diverge a lot and are influenced by many factors. But there are certainly basic principles that are applicable for almost any scenario. Often these principles touch topics of security, speed, and clear organization.

This article wants to collect an overview of the most important articles about on-set data management that we compiled until now, while deducing a collection of some of the basic principles that we can recommend to follow.

Let’s take a look at those basic principles grouped in three categories:

Always Protect Your Secure Copy Process

Keep an Eye on Copy Speed

Organize Your Files and Metadata Clearly

To round the principles off, here are some more tips for data wrangling that can give you more food for thought:

We will be keeping an eye on extending the basic principles as we move forward. Please feel free to shoot us a mail (Contact Pomfort) if you follow a personal basic principal that you feel like is definitely missing here and would like to see included.

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