Pioneering Cloud-Based Production Workflow by AWS Includes Silverstack Lab

Pioneering Cloud-Based Production Workflow by AWS Includes Silverstack Lab

We are delighted to see Silverstack Lab constituting an integral part of a pioneering case study demonstrating an end-to-end production workflow in the cloud for demanding productions, dealing with high complexity and extensive amounts of media. Amazon Web Services (AWS) initiated the “AWS Studio in the Cloud” case study and joined forces with many industry-leading companies to work on a role model workflow. All parties’ dedication resulted in a comprehensive pipeline architecture using today’s tools to facilitate consistent work-in-progress storage in the cloud. The workflow reconstructs all major production steps, from pre-visualization to shooting, ingesting, VFX, color/finishing, and master QC. Asset management and workflow automation are crucial prerequisites of the pipeline’s efficiency.

Silverstack Lab was used for the process to offload OCFs from the camera media, sending them to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) on-site, which was synched with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket for backup. A proxy file was generated by Silverstack Lab based on the OCFs and transferred directly, including the associated metadata, to Amazon S3. Consequently, editing and VFX started much earlier than with sending assets on physical hard drives from set to post.

The demonstrated “AWS Studio in the Cloud” implements the principles of MovieLabs 2030 Vision®. MovieLabs, a joint venture founded by major Hollywood Studios, initiated and published a whitepaper in 2019 (“The Evolution of Media Creation”) containing a 10-years vision of fostering content production, post, and VFX. Intending to enable more efficient, flexible, and faster media pipelines, it expounds 10 principles. Several of them emphasize using cloud infrastructure. 

An extensive article on MovieLab’s 2030 Vision Blog lays out the complete solution and architecture of “AWS Studio in Cloud”. It’s a valuable dossier for the media industry and offers productions guidance on moving their workflows to the cloud in the near future.

Pioneering Cloud-Based Production Workflow by AWS Includes Silverstack Lab
The cloud-enabled infrastructure to demonstrate end-to-end post-production in the cloud. [Graphics by aws]

To read the full article, follow the link below.

Movie Labs, 2030 Vision Blog, “Ready, Set, Finish! A Studio and Production Workflow in the Cloud”: