Sneak Preview of Upcoming On-Set Playback System at IBC Show 2023

Sneak Preview of Upcoming On-Set Playback System by Pomfort at IBC Show 2023

With our finger firmly on the pulse of filmmaking, we are thrilled to unveil Pomfort’s newest development at IBC 2023: a new desktop application to succeed with the multifaceted tasks of professional video playback on set. Our team showcases the latest development status at the Pomfort booth (Hall 12, A38). Make sure to drop by for a demo!

The initial spark came from multiple requests by filmmaking professionals expressing their desire for a Pomfort-style video playback software – easily approachable, reliable, and flexible – that would also cover other important, untreated needs. Listening to the industry voices, we embarked on an extensive research and development journey.

The outcome is a next-generation on-set playback system meticulously crafted to balance both simplicity and functionality. It’s dedicated to the playback operator’s role to provide a fast and reliable source of real-time feedback. It also aims to improve the playback experience for all creative positions on set.

An innovative slot concept allows for quick interaction for all everyday use cases but offers a multitude of configurations and routing options under the hood. Leveraging the powerful Apple silicon technology renders it a dependable workhorse for any size production, from small to large setups with multiple cameras. Once fully released, users can choose between temporary licenses or yearly subscriptions, which can be easily tracked and managed on multiple computers with a free Pomfort Account.

A beta version will be available several weeks after IBC. Curious to get your hands on it? Sign up below for the beta! We are looking forward to hearing your first experiences and feedback.


✅ Stay on top of all signals! Reeltime Pro boasts a flexible, transparent, and powerful routing and compositing engine paired with multiple window layouts to maximize ease of use to succeed with your daily tasks.

✅ Empower your director and crew to the utmost extent! Quickly create tailored output views with multiple live and playback feeds, different layouts, and video filters to support all the different roles on set.

✅ Stay ahead of the curve and hold everything together! Easily create synced group recordings using timecode and provide synced playback. Constantly add metadata and set multiple shared in and out ranges during recording.

✅ Never miss a single recording! Rely on auto-record configurations for a single camera’s live signal or group recordings of multiple inputs, including synced audio signals.

✅ Supply requested recordings within seconds! Take advantage of Reeltime Pro’s comprehensive clip library for fast retrievability and use the dedicated playback controls to whiz to any requested action efficiently.

✅ Provide stable signals at all times! Few things are more frustrating on set than everyone waiting for video playback. Reeltime Pro serves as a reliable companion with a rock-solid and rapid performance based on cutting-edge Apple silicon.

Head to the product page of Reeltime Pro now to explore its capabilities in greater detail!

Reeltime Pro Free Beta is Available Now!

Be among the first to test the beta version and get involved with future development! How can we best support your work? We’re curious to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Sneak Preview of Upcoming On-Set Playback System at IBC Show 2023