Announcement: Netflix Production Technology Alliance

Announcement: Netflix Production Technology Alliance

We’re thrilled to announce that Pomfort has joined the Netflix Production Technology Alliance with its renowned media asset management solutions Silverstack Lab, Silverstack, and the Silverstack Offload Manager. 

The Production Technology Alliance is a program for developers of hardware and software products that generate or manage sound, image, or metadata. Any product that bears the program logo has been assessed to ensure it meets Netflix’s high technical and workflow requirements. 

The Silverstack Offload Manager, Silverstack, and Silverstack Lab are among the first products included in the Production Data Management category, assuring industry professionals, like Digital Imaging Technicians and on-set Data Managers, that these products facilitate required workflows. 

Product development at Pomfort has always been based on the assumption that adherence to industry best practices and interoperability with other products benefit everyone involved – vendors, customers, and productions. We are very happy that this ongoing effort is honored by including Pomfort‘s products in the Production Technology Alliance. Alongside Netflix and all other participating developers, we are committed to keep focusing on the evolving needs of production and post-production communities by further innovating technologies and workflows. 

For more information about the Netflix Production Technology Alliance and all participating products, visit:

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