Pomfort Introduces Cloud Service ShotHub for Use at Facilities

Pomfort Introduces Cloud Service ShotHub for Use at Facilities

New ShotHub “Team Plan” Gives Facilities Real-Time Access to On-Set Metadata

Munich (July, 2022) – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software applications for media asset management and digital imaging in motion picture and broadcast production, just released major updates to its cloud service ShotHub. The highlight is the introduction of a new ShotHub Team Plan, which is specifically designed for users in DI facilities and thus extends ShotHub’s previous application area beyond the film set. ShotHub makes a complete repository of collected on-set metadata available in the cloud, where it’s continuously updated and remotely accessible 24/7. Therefore, opening up ShotHub’s capabilities to users in facilities creates novel opportunities for improved set-to-facility communication and information transfer.


Pomfort ShotHub is an innovative cloud system that mirrors project libraries from Pomfort’s desktop applications for media asset management (Silverstack) and digital imaging (Livegrade). Initially, ShotHub was developed to enable data management teams to keep working with production data while away from their on-set workstation. However, customers quickly found out that ShotHub could also be used to give facility staff “live”-access to the collected production information. The new ShotHub Team Plan builds on that approach and adds functionality that specifically caters to the needs and requirements of facilities.


Fostering close ties with industry professionals, Pomfort quickly learned that there’s a need to make set-to-facility communication and information transfer simpler, faster, and more transparent:

“Distributing latest clip and look information across the team and ensuring everyone is on the same page is often very time-consuming”, says Selina Titz, ShotHub Product Manager at Pomfort. “Professionals in the field have repeatedly told us about this unsolved issue, so we have taken this as an occasion to further focus on ShotHub over the last two years. The result is a cloud service that connects field teams on set and creatives working in facilities to enable easier collaboration from a single source of truth”.

Given the geographical distance between film sets and facilities, information exchanges between the two entities must be well coordinated and communicated. For example, to receive updates on and confirm the amount of data, check the integrity of information, or obtain further production context, facility staff must be in close contact with the Digital Imaging Technician (or the responsible data management person). Typically such communication takes the form of emails, PDF reports, and sometimes even phone calls. Pomfort ShotHub reaches out to transform this communication by replacing the daily hope to have sent (or received) all required information with the continuous confidence that up-to-date information is accessible whenever needed: The ShotHub Team plan lets facilities host data management projects themselves and invite Digital Imaging Technicians to directly import collected on-set metadata. With all information available in the cloud, the typical “push” approach (where the DIT sends information and reports to the facility), gets enriched with an additional “pull” approach that allows the facility to pull information whenever and in whatever form it is needed.

Highlights of the ShotHub Team Plan entail:

  • Free External Users: An unlimited number of users can be invited for free to access and browse (read-only mode) the information managed in a ShotHub project. 
  • Scalable Team Sizes: The ShotHub Team Plan can be scaled according to the number of included paid users, who can upload data from Silverstack or Livegrade to the cloud projects.
  • Team Management Features: Access rights, permissions, and user roles can be easily managed and edited within ShotHub.
  • Project Dashboard: A comprehensive overview displays the latest activity in the team(s) and project(s). The dashboard also features a quick entry field to search clip details via its ShotID. 
  • Pomfort ShotID: Upon offload with Silverstack, each clip gets assigned a unique identifier (ShotID). Typing the ShotID into ShotHub’s search field reveals a detailed spreadsheet with all available clip information, making information exchange quick and easy.


With the introduction of the new ShotHub Team Plan, updates were also made to the existing ShotHub Pro Plan. Thus, Pomfort adds additional functionality for ShotHub’s established user group of Digital Imaging Technicians and Data Wranglers. For example, Pro Plan users also benefit from the new dashboard and an unlimited amount of external users.


All ShotHub plans are available immediately and can be purchased from Pomfort’s online store.

ShotHub Team Plan

Prices for the ShotHub Team Plan vary depending on the number of paid users:

  • The Team Plan with 5 paid users is available for USD 75 / EUR 70 (billed monthly) or at a discounted rate of USD 800 / EUR 750 when billed annually.
  • The Team Plan with 10 paid users is available for USD 200 / 190 EUR (billed monthly) or at a discounted rate of USD 2150 / 2000 EUR when billed annually.
  • The Team Plan with 20 paid users is available for USD 500  / 475 EUR (billed monthly) or at a discounted rate of USD 5500 / 5200 EUR when billed annually.

ShotHub Pro Plan

The ShotHub Pro Plan is available for USD 25 / EUR 24 (billed monthly), or at a discounted rate of USD 275 / EUR 260 when billed annually.

ShotHub Free Plan

The ShotHub Free Plan with basic functionality and one included user is free of charge.

ShotHub Trial

A fully-featured trial version with 5 included users is available for a test period of 10 days free of charge.

For more details on features and pricing, visit the ShotHub product page. To find out more about using the ShotHub Team Plan at a facility, visit Pomfort’s Facility Solution page.

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