Pomfort Introduces Livegrade Studio

Pomfort Releases Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio V5.2

Munich (August 8th, 2019) – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software solutions for media asset management and digital imaging in motion pictures and broadcast production, today announced the immediate availability of Livegrade Studio. The new software application is targeted at users working in multi-camera setups, where multiple live signals need to be monitored, recorded, matched and switched instantly.

Pomfort’s renowned Livegrade products offer the capabilities to interactively control live video images  and looks in all kinds of production setups. The new Livegrade Studio takes the established global standard to the next level. With a set of advanced instruments, such as a dedicated router control infrastructure, professional recording capabilities, and advanced grade controls, Livegrade Studio allows an intuitive and fast interaction with multiple camera live signals. Based on specific production requirements and scenarios, these live signals need to be monitored, recorded, matched, and switched instantly.

Livegrade Studio comes with a game-changing router control infrastructure that enables a flexible, fast, and highly intuitive handling of multiple live video signals. Users are able to view and interactively switch between multiple sources and destinations quickly, and can even create routing presets that help automate the process. For example, the software helps the user quickly change the setup, e.g. showing camera A and D side-by-side on the large monitor as per the DP’s request. With this, Livegrade Studio can be used as a control hub software for multiple camera setups, eliminating the need for laborious manual re-wiring and significantly reducing setup time.

Livegrade Studio’s highly professional recording capabilities are designed to acquire reference material simultaneously from all cameras on set. This reference material from different production settings, different cameras and lenses, as well as different shooting days can be matched and referenced side-by-side with the live image. That way look consistency is ensured throughout the entire production. To make sure that all essential footage is captured, a convenient record indicator shows users exactly which cameras are recording. Additionally, users can manually start recording of an individual camera directly with just one click, or group multiple cameras together and set them to auto-record triggered by the rec-flag of the HD-SDI signals. This allows the action to be captured automatically the moment it happens, without any manual interaction from the user.

The software furthermore comes with a set of powerful grading controls, that enable users to create a consistent visualization of the DP’s creative intent across multiple cameras. Advanced, yet fully ASC CDL-compliant interaction types, like contrast, as well as Lift, Gamma, Gain, and Printer Lights, allow a fast and precise visualization of looks directly on the live images.

“We are really excited about Livegrade Studio”, says Patrick Renner, product manager of Livegrade Studio. “Film production environments can get pretty complex, especially when multiple cameras are involved. With Livegrade Studio we have created a solution that is dedicated to resolving this complexity and that empowers our customers to excel and show the best of their work in any kind of production setup. We have some exciting options in mind already how to evolve that product further – so stay tuned about what’s to come next!”

Features in Livegrade Studio:

  • An innovative router control infrastructure that allows users to interactively change and map video routings, and create routing presets to automate video routings
  • Professional recording capabilities that enable a convenient creation of reference material throughout production. Users can easily start and stop recording single cameras, or group multiple cameras together and set them to auto-record.
  • Powerful grading controls to visualize the DP’s creative intent directly on the live image, including advanced interaction types, such as lift, gamma, gain, and printer lights.
  • Advanced productivity features to customize Livegrade Studio to specific workflows and setups. This includes in- and ex-application automation, the use of MIDI controllers, custom keyboard shortcuts and column layouts, as well as live camera metadata.

Pricing and Availability

Livegrade Studio is available as a yearly subscription for USD 999 / EUR 879, or as a project license starting from USD 249 / EUR 219.

Livegrade Studio can be purchased in Pomfort’s web store (https://pomfort.com/store/), or through authorized resellers. A 10 days free trial version is available for download at: https://pomfort.com/livegradestudio/try/

System requirements:

Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.13 or higher

About Pomfort

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