Pomfort introduces Silverstack Lab

Pomfort introduces Silverstack Lab

Pomfort’s latest product release integrates professional data management with a highly efficient dailies creation process.

Munich (April 5th, 2017) – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software solutions for digital media assets and color management in motion pictures and broadcast production, today announced the immediate availability of Silverstack Lab. Silverstack Lab is the only software that enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool. Footage can be backed up securely and organized transparently – while at the same time dailies can be created. With this simultaneous approach all digital assets become accessible for review and further processing at the end of every production day. 

With its innovative approach Silverstack Lab gives productions greater confidence to cover production critical tasks on target and by end of every production day. Combining data management and dailies creation in one integrated activity – and consequently in one responsibility – reduces interfaces, sources of errors, production in-efficiencies and costs. This lean and compact data management and dailies creation workflow leads to higher productivity and ultimately gives the entire team more space for their creative work.

Silverstack Lab serves as the content backbone for film productions on set and enables to manage data management and dailies creation activities based on one central clip library. The library  instantly connects the team with all relevant digital media assets, including image, audio and look files. It also serves as the central source of information for all dailies related tasks. Combined with a whole range of powerful features, Silverstack Lab merges and streamlines the essential production tasks data management and dailies creation in one integrated activity.

Silverstack Lab comes with an incorporated matching wizard that automatically associates clips with appropriate digital looks and syncs corresponding audio tracks. Complemented by a high speed transcoding engine, which lets users simultaneously transcode clips to all common file formats, including DNxHD MXF, ProRes flavours, and H.264 clips, the dailies creation task reaches a whole new level of productivity. With the library as hub for managing and ensuring completeness of transcodes, it becomes possible to provide dailies clips instantly to the entire team for review, analysis, approval and processing.

“I have been a Silverstack user from the very early days, and it’s great to see where the product is heading. Based on our initial tests of the latest beta and the use in our last commercial project, I can say that Silverstack Lab really opens up a striking way how data and dailies can be processed”, says Denis Spycher, who runs Dithouse.com, a company that offers the full range of DIT services. “When you work on set and you are responsible for securing footage and delivering dailies, you want a tool that helps you track the entire process, that is fast, and that you can rely on. Silverstack Lab covers all these requirements in a seamless and natural way and I am fully convinced by the advantages of keeping the entire project together on one platform.” 

“With Silverstack Lab we have pushed our expertise in on-set media asset management to the point where our customer’s productivity is not held back by technical and organizational inefficiencies. It is the central tool that connects clip, color and audio information, which helps our customers to  set up seamless workflows, make better decisions, and do great work together”, says Patrick Renner, Product Manager at Pomfort. “With our latest product release we’re continuing to demonstrate our ambition and capacity to provide the most professional and yet most intuitive software, that puts our demanding community of customers in a better position to optimize their production processes and achieve highest quality results.”

Features in Silverstack  Lab:

  • A high-speed transcoding engine that allows transcoding to all common file formats, including DNxHD, Pro Res flavors and H.264.
  • A fully automated audio sync function that enables the matching of video and audio based on time code information.
  • An extended production library that tracks and logs all footage, audio, looks and transcoded clips in one place and allows for a central management of all digital assets.
  • An advanced burn-in functionality to customize footage and prepare it for subsequent production steps (including time codes, watermarks and more).

Pricing and Availability

A yearly subscription for Silverstack Lab can be purchased for US$ 899 / EUR 849. Pomfort also offers the possibility to rent Silverstack Lab  for the duration of 14 days / one month / two months. Silverstack Lab is now available as a bundle offer with LiveGrade Pro.

Silverstack Lab can be acquired at the Pomfort webstore (http://pomfort.com/store) and through authorized Pomfort resellers worldwide. A 14-day trial version is available as a free download at: http://pomfort.com/silverstacklab/try/

Press Material:
Find graphics, logos, screenshots, photos at: http://pomfort.com/press

System requirements

  • Intel Mac with MacOS  10.10 or higher