Pomfort Releases Silverstack and Silverstack Lab 6.4

Today we are excited to release the new 6.4 update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab.
Some highlights of Silverstack 6.4 and Silverstack Lab 6.4:
  • Verification States in the Library: Check at one glance whether all copies are complete and have been verified.
  • Separate Copy and Verification: When offloading clips you can now choose to copy first and verify afterwards, e.g. for quickly starting to work with the files from your destination.
  • Dynamic Metadata Support: Extract dynamic lens and camera metadata for RED, ARRI and SONY cameras, and monitor frame by frame during playback (Silverstack XT only).
  • Tags in Library: You can now pre-define unlimited custom tags in order to ensure consistency when organizing your media assets.
Additional features in Silverstack Lab 6.4:
  • Native Video Scopes: Support your QC and dailies creation process with the newly added video scopes, including waveform, vectorscope, and histogram.
  • Export to COPRA Dailies System: Export metadata files for COPRA Dailies System directly from Silverstack Lab.
  • Transcoding to H.265: You can now transcode to H.265/HEVC (macOS 10.13 or higher).


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