Pomfort SealVerify and Silverstack 5.2 Are Here!

Check out the New Free Checksum Verification Tool!

Drum roll, please. Today we released Pomfort Seal Verify – a new and free checksum verification tool for Mac and Windows. It is tailored to one crucial task in post production or digital lab facilities: Verifying the completeness and consistency of received data from set with a one-button process.

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Pomfort SealVerify is the perfect companion to Silverstack 5.2 which introduces the possibility to „seal“ entire travel drives. Silverstack 5.2 comes with these new features:

  • Drive Sealing: Sealing ensures the completeness and consistency of media data without restricting the access to your files.
  • Easy Ingest: Easily add files to the library without copying.
  • Improved Export: Transfer clips to Assimilate Scratch including color metadata (via ALE).

> See all that’s new in Silverstack 5.2.

Silverstack 5.2 is a free update for all subscribers of Silverstack and Silverstack XT!
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