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The Silverstack Cloud is here! And with it a lot of exciting new features to talk about. Since Pomfort released the Silverstack Cloud Beta last week, many Silverstack users have signed up for the cloud to test it out properly. In the meantime we’ve already received decent feedback on its functionalities along with some specific questions. Therefore, we decided to collect all the input that has been provided by our beta users so far, and set up a FAQ-like blog article to answer the most pressing questions here. 

If you don’t know the Silverstack Cloud already, take a look at our introduction video:


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The following selection represents a comprehensive compilation of all notes sent in by users and will be continued as more questions arise.

What can the Silverstack Cloud be used for? 

The Silverstack Cloud gives you the opportunity to remotely access an exact replication of your current Silverstack library in order to monitor your production data – independent from time, your location, or the device you are using. In addition to that, you can also archive completed projects, and keep them accessible in the browser for later reference. Furthermore, you are able to choose team members or anyone involved in your production to whom you’d like to grant insights into your data, and simply send them an invitation. They can now access your cloud project in realtime. This feature increases the transparency of your ongoing project across units, and makes it quite easy to ensure everyone is always aware of the latest status update of your data. 

Which Silverstack version do I require to work with the Silverstack Cloud?

You can upload your project library from Silverstack, Silverstack XT or Silverstack Lab. Starting from version 7 the cloud feature is implemented and available directly within the software.

Do I need a Silverstack subscription to use the Silverstack Cloud?

No! The Silverstack Cloud is managed separately from our subscription-based licenses, which means that you can also benefit from its advantages with any of our project-based Silverstack or Silverstack Lab licenses, of course! 

How can I log in to the Silverstack Cloud? I already have a Pomfort Account – do I need to create a Silverstack Cloud account?

No! A separate Silverstack Cloud account is not required. If you’ve already created your Pomfort account, you can simply use the same log in credentials to get access to the Silverstack Cloud as well. If not, it is not too late yet! Don’t wait and create your own account here: https://account.pomfort.com/lm/register/.

Can I access the Silverstack Cloud from my mobile devices?

Yes! The cloud web interface has a responsive UI so you can access the cloud from any smartphone or tablet as well as from the desktop by opening it in your browser.

How can I connect a local Silverstack project with the Silverstack Cloud?

You will find the cloud icon in the Silverstack toolbar next to your project title. There you can set up the upload of your project library to the cloud. 

Does Silverstack upload any camera clips to the cloud? 

No! Neither original camera clips nor dailies can be uploaded to the Silverstack Cloud. Only the metadata available in your local clip library can be uploaded to the cloud. In addition, you can choose if you also want to include thumbnails in your cloud project, or rather prefer to leave that option disabled. 

Are local changes always kept up to date in the Silverstack Cloud? 

Yes! All changes, which are made locally in your project library, are synced immediately to the Silverstack Cloud as long as you are online. If your mac is offline or you temporarily disable the sync, all changes will be queued until you are online again.

Can I bring production data from multiple local Silverstacks to one Silverstack Cloud project?

Yes! Multiple Silverstacks can upload production data from their individual clip libraries to the Silverstack Cloud, where it will be merged into a single cloud project.

Can I also sync two local Silverstacks via the Silverstack Cloud?

No!  There is currently no way to download any metadata stored in the Silverstack Cloud back to a local Silverstack. We are currently working on this feature and are looking forward to enable this with a future update.

Can I make my cloud project available to other team members?

Yes! You can easily send invitations to anyone involved in your current project, and thus grant access to all necessary metadata. Furthermore, you can select specific roles or access rights a certain user should have by choosing between “Viewer“ or “Contributor“ for instance. To learn more about the different user roles see our knowledge base at: https://kb.pomfort.com/?p=14409

What can other users that I invited do with my cloud project?

There are minor differences depending on the role you select for the person you would like to invite. Generally, it is possible for every invited member to review production data and monitor the status of your current project. However, you can give or deny the permission to show thumbnails for specific project members. Team members that have been added as “Contributor“ are also able to upload metadata from additional computers using Silverstack.

Which servers is the Silverstack Cloud running on? 

The Silverstack Cloud is running on Amazon AWS Servers and uses S3 for file storage. For all connections HTTPS is used and data is stored encrypted at rest.

The Silverstack Cloud is currently in beta. What does that mean?

Within the Beta version of the Silverstack Cloud for now all features are available for free. That means you can manage a max of 5 current and 20 archived projects within one Silverstack Cloud account, and invite up to 10 team members. After the cloud Beta has ended, a free cloud plan will remain, but will be further limited in terms of the available number of projects and invitations, since paid plans will be added. 


Hopefully, this blog post was helpful, could clarify one or the other question, and encouraged you to reach out to the Clouds!

In case you have any further comments, questions or feature requests for the Silverstack Cloud, do not hesitate to share them with us! Contact us under https://pomfort.com/contact/.

And if not done yet, be sure to check out Pomfort’s new add-on to Silverstack, the Silverstack Cloud! 

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