Silverstack 6.3 and Silverstack Lab 6.3 Update Available

Today we are officially releasing the new 6.3 update for Silverstack and Silverstack Lab.

Some highlights of Silverstack 6.3 and Silverstack Lab 6.3:
  • Support for Linear Timecode (LTC): Extract timecode information from video clips with audio LTC. You can use the extracted time code for e.g. syncing the clip with other media.
  • Three Thumbnails Report: You can now create Clips and Thumbnails reports including three thumbnails, to create an exact reference for each clip.
  • Crop to Aspect Ratio: Crop clips to a custom aspect ratio to prepare them for transcoding, e.g. in certain anamorphic workflows.
Additional features in Silverstack Lab 6.3:
  • Custom Framelines for Transcoding: Freely choose aspect ratios for framelines, depending on your production’s specifications.
  • Direct Transfer of Audio Sync to Adobe Premiere Pro: Export audio sync information from Silverstack Lab to Adobe Premiere Pro. Create synced sequences in Premiere Pro.
  • External GPU Support: Improve transcoding speeds by using external GPUs.


> See all new features of Silverstack 6.3.

> See all new features of Silverstack Lab 6.3.

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