Version 5.1 of Livegrade Pro and Studio Released

Livegrade Pro and Studio Update to Version 5.1

Livegrade Pro and Studio have just been updated to version 5.1. This release includes improvements in productivity, device support, and other aspects.

Some highlights of version 5.1:

  • JKL Navigation: Playback, jog, and shuttle using J, K, L keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with Looks: Copy & paste looks between slots
  • AJA Capture Devices: Trigger auto-record via HANC rec-flag for ARRI, RED, and Sony cameras (works with Kona 4 or newer and IO 4K series by AJA)
  • Tangent Wave and Wave2: Customize the user interaction with the Tangent Mapper

You can find a comprehensive list of all new Livegrade Pro and Studio features here: 

What’s New in Livegrade Pro?

What’s New in Livegrade Studio?

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