Version 5.4 of Livegrade Pro and Studio Released

Version 5.4 of Livegrade Pro and Studio Released

We are officially releasing new updates of Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio today.

Here are some highlights of Livegrade 5.4:

  • Sharing Look Archives With Media: Export and import look archives with media to exchange shots including hi-res references media with other units
  • Multiple Storage Locations Within the Same Project: Use multiple “Media Folders” in the same project to expand and manage your disk space for project media [Studio only]
  • Revised Reference Media Management: Benefit from an improved UI that indicates a shot’s media status (online/offline)
  • Advanced Slate Info Options: Pick a “Slating System” (Standard/American/All) to display only relevant menu items when editing slate info and increment the scene field by appending a “Scene Letter”

You can find a comprehensive list of all new Livegrade features here:

What’s New in Livegrade Pro 5.4

What’s New in Livegrade Studio 5.4