Version 6.3 Released: Updates for Livegrade Pro and Studio

New versions 6.3 of Livegrade Pro and Studio just released

Don’t miss out on the latest version of Livegrade Pro and Studio to enhance your workflows on set with the following updates and more:

  • Integration With AJA’s Brand-New ColorBox: Unlock real-time grading of 6G/12G SDI signals and seamless reception of uncompressed 4K framegrabs – even at high refresh intervals.
  • Complemented Features for ARRI Alexa 35: Benefit from in-camera grading and high-resolution framegrabs via CAP when shooting with Alexa 35.

You can find a comprehensive list of all updates here: 

What’s New in Livegrade Pro 6.3
What’s New in Livegrade Studio 6.3