Version 6.4 Released: See All the New Features in Livegrade Pro and Studio!

Livegrade Pro and Studio v.6.4 released!

Exciting news for our Livegrade community! We are officially releasing version 6.4 of Livegrade Pro and Livegrade Studio today. Check out the following highlights:

  • Custom False Color Mode: New 1D-LUT-based mechanism allows exposure checks for the most common log-encoded formats or importing a customized false color LUT.  
  • Stream Deck + Integration: Enables instant and granular control within Livegrade via Stream Deck’s latest device.
  • Daily Activation License Mode: Convenient option for using the same license on multiple devices on different days.

Find a comprehensive list of all new Livegrade features here:
What’s New in Livegrade Pro 6.4
What’s New in Livegrade Studio 6.4