Version 8.3 Released: Discover All New Features in Silverstack/XT and Lab!

New versions 8.3 of Pomfort Silverstack, Silverstack XT and Silverstack Lab just released

We just released version 8.3 of Silverstack/XT and Silverstack Lab! Highlights include: 

  • Support for ARRI Alexa 35: Process Alexa 35 LogC4 footage (ARRIRAW, HDE, ProRes)! 
  • Significant Performance Boosts: Benefit from faster processing of RED R3D and Canon CRM footage, especially on powerful systems! (e.g., RED transcoding up to 5 times faster on MacStudio M1 Ultra)
  • ACES Look Exchange: Import ACES Metadata Files (AMF) with Common LUT Format files (CLF) used in LMT nodes and exchange with third-party applications. 
  • Improved Offload Menu UI: Easily identify which volumes are ready for ejection with an enhanced job summary. 

You can find a comprehensive list of all updates here:

What’s New in Silverstack/Silverstack XT 8.3
What’s new in Silverstack Lab 8.3