White Paper: Why Creating Dailies Is a Data Management Activity on Set PDF Download

The removal of the lab during the quick adoption of digital cinematography led to some major shifts in the production process. This paper outlines what this means for the dailies creation process and why it can be considered as part of the data management activity happening on or near set.

Download the white paper here:
2017-10-03_Pomfort_White_Paper-Creating-dailies-Data-Management (PDF, 41 kB)

Please also see our follow-up blog post “How Silverstack Lab Integrates Dailies Creation Into Data Management” that illustrates how Silverstack Lab implements dailies and proxies creation into its powerful data management concepts.

About the Author
Patrick is a product manager for Pomfort's on-set applications. For his work at Pomfort he combines a technical background in software engineering with practical experience in digital film productions – and a preference for things that actually work.