My DIT Cart – Jason Naran 5 min read

My DIT Cart – Jason Naran

The build of a DIT Cart can be influenced by many different factors, going from personal preferences to specific requirements of a production. One important factor that’s easily forgotten is the location that a DIT works in. Someone who knows this best is New Zealand-based DIT Jason Naran. His cart is built to be robust and adaptable at the same time, in order for him to use it on shootings in the famous New Zealand locations.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Started With Dailies Creation 6 min read

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Started With Dailies Creation

When you are working as a professional DIT it might at some point be the case that you are asked to go one step beyond the backup of camera cards, and also create dailies on set or near set. This extends your responsibilities and raises a lot of additional questions that need to be addressed.

To help you get started with proxy creation on set we compiled a little guide that outlines a selection of 3 of the extended duties that come along with the new responsibilities.

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What Changed in LiveGrade Pro v4? 11 min read

What Changed in LiveGrade Pro v4?

LiveGrade Pro v4 comes with a lot of new features and improvements. In order to get you started quickly with LiveGrade Pro v4 and give you a smooth transition from LiveGrade Pro v3, this article gives you an in-depth overview of the most important changes.

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The new Pomfort Account 4 min read

The new Pomfort Account

With the introduction of the Pomfort Account the management of licenses becomes more transparent and offers new options for customers. This article explains the motivation behind the new Pomfort Account and outlines how it plays into the overall licensing concept.

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My DIT Cart – Taki Yusuke 6 min read

My DIT Cart – Taki Yusuke

DIT Carts don’t have to be large in terms of size to be incredibly powerful – as the DIT Cart of Tokyo based Taki Yusuke shows. On his Magliner Mini Cart he has equipment installed for a variety of different tasks on set, from data management to audio mixing. In an interview with us he explains why the size of DIT carts in Japan really matters, how he copes with power outages on set and why a game controller is the one item that completes his cart.

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How To Use Silverstack’s Smart File Size Calculation To Double Check Copy Completeness 5 min read

How To Use Silverstack’s Smart File Size Calculation To Double Check Copy Completeness

One of the crucial use-cases of Silverstack is the secure copy of camera cards and the assurance of completeness for each copy job. While the software itself is tailored to fulfill this requirement with excellence, as a professional you are naturally looking for ways to double check your work. In this blog article we will demonstrate how to double check copy completeness using Silverstack’s smart file size calculation.

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PocketControl: Network Configuration Alternatives 5 min read

PocketControl: Network Configuration Alternatives

We previously described how easy it is to prepare the camera and connect the app directly to the camera’s Wifi. However, there are situations where other configurations for connecting can be beneficial as well – e.g. to create a higher reach or a more flexible setup. For this reason we would like to introduce you to a few more network connection alternatives in this article.

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