Pomfort FrameCalculator is a little helper for video and film production professionals. It features a genuine expression-based calculation engine for timecodes and together with its additional conversion features it is a powerful tool for post production.

Supported Operators

Calculations are entered into FrameCalculator as expressions. Within an expression you can: FrameCalculator Logo

  • add and subtract timecodes and frame numbers,
  • multiply timecodes with rational numbers,
  • divide timecodes into fractions,
  • use brackets for grouping of sub-expressions and
  • convert timecodes to frame numbers and back.

Free to use

FrameCalculator Logo

From now on Pomfort FrameCalculator is freeware, you can use all features without restrictions or time limitations.


Examples of Expressions

Examples for the syntax of FrameCalculator's expressions and results:

  • 100+100 = 200 frames or 00:00:08.08 in 24fps
  • 1:01+1:05.10 = 00:02:06.10
  • 00:00:01.05|24*10 = 00:00:12.02 in 25fps
  • (100+01:50.21) /2 = 1380 frames in 24 fps or 00:00:57.11 in 25fps

Take a closer look at the syntax of the expression in the - Syntax of Expressions Help Page.

Calculates Disk Space, Transfer Time and Film Footage


With FrameCalculator you can convert the result time value of your calculation into disk space usage or transfer time for a selected image format (e.g. "2k-resolution in 10bit color depth and 1.85:1 format") and network connection (e.g. "1 GB Ethernet"). FrameCalculator tells you how many Giga- or Terabytes of data this would approximately be and how long a transfer of this data will take over the given network connections.

In addition to that you can estimate the footage of film that would be needed for the given result for different film material.


Disk space and transfer time

The screenshots show the different result display modes of the Pomfort FrameCalculator.

Version: 1.1
Size: 2.0 MB
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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