What Is New in Livegrade Studio?

What's new in Livegrade Studio 5.2?

Color Grading:
  • Color Curve Modes: “RGB-Based” and “Luma-Based” allow precise color curve adjustments with or without influencing luma and saturation of colors for creating appealing looks like bleach bypass with ease
  • RGB Curves: Apply curves to individual color channels red, green and blue
  • Custom Color Curve: Apply curve adjustment to any custom color and create appealing looks like orange & teal in seconds
  • Hue-Sat-Lum Curves: Apply secondary color corrections with curves for hue vs. hue, hue vs. saturation, hue vs. luma, luma vs. saturation and saturation vs. saturation
  • Amount Sliders: Fine tune color grades quickly by adjusting the intensity of grading nodes
  • Printer Lights: RGB master can now be precisely adjusted using color panels
  • User LUT Folder: Watch folder to add custom user LUTs for selecting them as LUT presets
Improved ACES Workflow:
  • ACES Metadata File Export: Exchange grade settings and metadata in ACES workflows (works with ACES ver. 1.2 or higher)
  • AMF + CLF: AMF Export for looks created in the ACES CDL Advanced mode merges non-CDL nodes into a CLF (Common LUT format) file.
Look Exchange:
  • CDL + LUT Combo Export: Exporting looks split into CDL and non-CDL components (ASC-CDL and 3D LUT ) allows complete look exchange with dailies and color grading software while maintaining the exchange of CDL and saturation values
Device Integration:
  • Stream Deck Plugin: Map and trigger Livegrade actions from your Stream Deck devices
  • Video Routing from Stream Deck: Apply up to 20 video routing configurations and select up to 20 video inputs and outputs from Stream Deck devices
Pomfort ShotHub:
  • Project Upload: Upload entire project with shot information to ShotHub, including thumbnails (optional)
  • Collaboration: Parallel upload from several Livegrade clients
  • Smart Groups: Organize shots using an automatic outline assembled from metadata (e.g. Scene, Shot and Flagged) for comprehensive media management and improved handling of large libraries
  • Library Folder: Search entire shot library with home folder “Library”
  • Smart Group Layouts: Use predefined hierarchy layouts and create user-defined layouts with custom hierarchies for full flexibility and improved productivity
  • Shot Library: Library path displays current library folder and smart groups level for better overview
  • Set Thumbnail Frame: Set custom thumbnail frame of recorded video clips
  • Device Manager: Use a custom letter (A-Z) as slot character
  • Slot Metadata: Efficient keyboard navigation between slot metadata fields
  • Video Routing: Display index counter and change order of video routing configurations
  • Multi-Edit Rating and Flagging: Rate and flag multiple shots with designated menu items and actions for Stream Deck
  • New Functions and Shortcuts: Copy look to all slots, create shot from library slot, Increase take number after shot creation
  • New metadata field: “Shooting Day” metadata field to quickly organize files using shooting day metadata
  • New metadata field: “Location” metadata field to quickly organize shots using location metadata
  • New metadata field: “Day/Night” metadata field to quickly organize shots using time of day metadata
  • New metadata field: “Int/Ext” metadata field to quickly organize shots using interior/exterior metadata
  • New custom metadata fields: Three additional custom metadata fields for more flexible metadata workflows
  • Wildcards: Use TC Start and TC End in wildcards

A detailed list of all changes can be found in the Livegrade Studio 5 changelog.

Orange & Teal in Seconds

Build Creative Looks Using the New Rgb Curves.

Livegrade comes with a brand new RGB Curve Editor, that enables users to apply precise, channel based curve adjustments. Two different modes allow to either adjust colors together with luma and saturation, or to preserve the initial luma and saturation values. Besides creating curves for master, luma, red, green and blue you can also pick a specific target hue and create a custom color curve in order to apply a creative look like orange & teal.

Better Organized

Manage Your Shot Library Using Smart Groups.

Livegrade comes with a new automatic Smart Groups outline, that lets users organize their shots in a hierarchical structure using shot metadata. Users can define the applicable hierarchy levels depending on their needs in order to get an useful overview to manage their shots more efficiently, even in large libraries with extensive metadata.

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What's new in version 5.1?

Playback Controls:
  • JKL Navigation: Playback, jog, and shuttle using J, K, L keyboard shortcuts
  • Shot Library: Import movie files (mov, m4v, mp4)
  • Working with Looks: Copy & paste looks between slots
  • Library Slot: Adding a reference from another slot to the library slot
  • Global Metadata: New metadata field for “season”
  • AJA Capture Devices: Trigger auto-record via HANC rec-flag for ARRI, RED, and Sony cameras (works with Kona 4 or newer, and IO 4K series by AJA)
Panel Support:
  • Tangent Wave and Wave2: Customize the user interaction with the Tangent Mapper
ARRI Alexa Mini LF:
  • CAP Support: In-camera grading and camera metadata support

What's new in version 5?

Video Router Control:
  • Routing Visualization: Horizontal and vertical layouts of input and output ports with connections
  • Interactive Router Control: Direct routing changes via drag and drop and port selection
  • Auto-Detection: Directly connect video routers in the local network
  • Script Automation: Run and automate scripts from within the application
  • Arming of Slots: Disable or enable slots for recording
  • Direct Recording: Record a slot's live image directly from the slot UI
  • Auto Record: New auto-record behavior triggers record in multiple slots
  • Naming: Better naming for recordings
Grading Controls:
  • Contrast Slider: ASC-CDL-compatible "simple grading" (SPL) interface type with four new controls
  • Lift, Gamma, Gain: ASC-CDL-compatible "lift gamma gain" (LGG) interface type with three color wheels
  • Printer Lights: ASC-CDL-compatible "printer lights" (PRT) interface type with increase / decrease buttons for colors
  • Color Wheels: New luma-neutral behavior of color wheels
  • Master Control: New indicator for "master" level of color wheels
MIDI Controller Support:
  • Buttons: Trigger any action in the main menu
  • Encoders: Adjust grade controls
  • LMT Node: Added new node with standard LMTs for ACES mode
More Features:
  • Column Selector: New UI for selecting columns for the shot table
  • Non-SI Units: Imperial units for focus distance
Optional Modules:
  • Colorfront Film Module: Support for AJA FS-HDR in "Colorfront Film" pipeline
  • QTake Module: Support for interactive LUT and CDL integration with QTake system
  • Cobalt Module: Support for Cobalt Digital 9904-UDX-4K systems

Interactive Router Control

Interactive Router Control

Video Router Control Within the Application.

Livegrade Studio comes with a new interface for interactive video router control. For situations with multiple cameras and complex routing setups the application now displays all connections between input and output ports of the video router in one overview. Any changes – also changes made externally e.g. with a hardware control panel – are instantly visible in Livegrade Studio's user interface. Users can change single routings directly by either dragging lines between ports, by selecting ports in the menu, or by using keyboard shortcuts or mapped physical MIDI controllers.

Selective Recording

Flexible Configuration for Multi-Camera Capturing.

In multi-camera productions not all cameras are used all the time. For these changing setups Livegrade Studio now comes with options for selective reference capturing. In the slot UI users can now easily "arm" and "un-arm" slots for recording. The arming setting not only applies to global recording, but also works with rec-flag triggered auto-record.

Selective Recording

Advanced Grading Controls

Advanced Grading Controls

Comprehensive, ASC-CDL Compatible Grading Interaction.

Livegrade Studio comes with new and additional color grading interaction types. Users can now use LGG (lift-gamma-gain)-style grade controls for grading interaction known from video-based grading systems. The printer-lights controls can be used for film-based, Telecine-style color correction. Also a set of simplified controls (e.g. "Contrast", "Stretch", "Warmer", and "Greener" controls) are added for "one-knob" grade interaction. The new interaction types are fully compatible with the ASC-CDL exchange format for maximum compliance with existing workflows.

Optional Modules

Workflow-Specific Extensions.

Livegrade can be extended with optional modules with functionality required in specific productions using QTake, Colorfront, or Cobalt for their workflow.

Optional Modules

The Colorfront Film Module enables support for the proprietary Colorfront Film color pipeline. Colorfront Film is chosen by productions for it's out-of-the-box great image rendering, as well as the powerful HDR features. Users can use an AJA FS-HDR device for color grading live signals the same way as Colorfront's software products render recorded clips.

QTake is the most comprehensive video assist system in the market, and with the QTake Module users now can provide interactive look metadata to QTake. This enables improved integration between video assist and DIT stations – and enables new workflows for stereo3D, 4K, and high frame rate monitoring.

Cobalt Digital 9904-UDX-4K systems are powerful signal processing units. The OpenGear form factor allows dense installations for processing lots of simultaneous streams. With the Cobalt Module Livegrade can utilize the signal processing power of the units and use them as color grading device for camera live signals.

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