The Last Kingdom Season 2

The Last Kingdom


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Chas Bain

Peter Racz


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The story takes place in the year 872,when most of England is governed by Danes and a Saxon boy who is the true heir to Bebbanburg watches his father die in a battle against the Danes.Being captive,he becomes a slave and then a son to a Dane but fate brings him to Wessex whose king, Alfred, is trying to unite England and fight the Danes back.He attempts to gain Alfred’s trust by teaching him the strategies he knows about Danes’ way of fighting.By doing so,he hopes to gather men and wealth to take back his homelands taken from him by his uncle.

Series two finds Uhtred, the fearless and instinctive warrior, beginning his voyage north to reclaim his fate – to avenge Earl Ragnar’s death and recapture his ancestral lands of Bebbanburg. Alfred’s conviction to unite the kingdoms of England is stronger than ever, and he sets his sights on the wild lands of the north, which have fallen into the control of savage Northmen. Alfred champions a new king – a Christian Dane – to exert his influence beyond Wessex. This king has been enslaved and Uhtred becomes embroiled in a rescue mission which brings him face to face with an enemy of old.

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