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Benefit from the Silverstack Cloud

The Silverstack Cloud enables access to your production data and provides full project transparency - any time, from anywhere, to any team members you want to share with.

Full Project Transparency

Make your current projects easily accessible for team members, so they can monitor the status of the project in real-time. This way everyone relevant is always in the loop.

Access from

Get complete insights into your current and archived production data – No matter where you are located and which device you are using.

Comprehensive Project Archive

Keep your data easily accessible, even after a project ends. Instantly provide information about clip details to responsible team members on request.

Your Silverstack Library: From the Desktop to the Cloud

Collect and View Data in Real-Time.

The Silverstack Cloud is an exact replication of your known Silverstack library.

Once your Silverstack is connected to the cloud, you can upload production data either manually or automatically in real-time. In the cloud you can now individually choose which information is displayed by setting up a customized table view.

If you are working with multiple instances of Silverstack across different production units, you can even merge the project libraries into one unified library in the cloud.

Make Your Silverstack Library Accessible to Others

Grant Team Members Full Transparency of Your Production Data.

Once your library is uploaded in the cloud, you can choose to invite team members to your specific project. Invited team members can now view the Silverstack library and monitor the project status in real-time – from any location and any device.

Team members can select and display exactly the information they need, including a comprehensive summary view.

The Silverstack Cloud gives you complete insights into your current and archived production data – any time and from any location.

The Consolidated Archive for All Your Projects

Data from Previous Productions at Your Fingertips.

Once your current project is finished, you can set it to “archived” directly in the cloud.

The Silverstack Cloud enables you to preserve your production data in a systematic and organized way, and keeps your completed projects remotely accessible.

All archived production data is searchable and traceable, so you can gain important data insights within seconds. This makes it easy to find and deliver requested information any time.

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