What Is New in the Silverstack Cloud?

What's new?

Advanced Viewing Modes:
  • Summary: Camera Statistics is now showing data and length summaries for either a folder, a media bin or the whole project
  • List View: Choose table view presets or create custom layouts which can be saved, reloaded and shared with other users
  • Collection View: Visual overview of all clips with scalable thumbnails
  • Full Image View: Preview of all assets in full screen mode
Dark Theme Option:
  • Dark Theme Mode: Choose dark mode UI as an option in the Pomfort account menu
Additional Report Options:
  • Clips Reports: Create Clips Reports based on presets or individual table layouts to select relevant metadata
  • Add Production Info: Choose if production info is part of the Shooting Day or Clips Report

Custom Layout Presets

Custom Layout Presets

Create Your Individual Table Layout in the List View.

According to the table view known from Silverstack you can either pick one of the existing viewing presets or create individual presets. Customise your layouts by choosing and sorting the metadata columns that are relevant for you or other users. All presets can be shared with other members by invitation or loaded for exporting Clips Report.

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